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Attack on Titan Game – Find the Best 3D Maneuver Gear

by Bryan Dawson

The Attack on Titan game allows you to purchase new weapons and gear so you can fight Titans much easier, and we’ve made it easier on you by providing tips to find the best omni-directional mobility gear (3D maneuver gear) so that you always have the best available. Skilled players will want to focus on their omni-directional mobility gear to control speed and combat mode range, however, the gear you buy changes as you move through the game. The tips here will help you figure out which gear you should choose no matter where you are in the game.

To purchase new omni-directional mobility gear, wait until you’re not currently in a mission, then look for the Logistician with the blade symbol above their head. Speak to this person and they’ll give you the option of buying a brand new weapon blade, scabbard, or 3D maneuvering gear. In order to buy new items you also need specific materials. These materials can be obtained by completing missions and by killing Titans on the battlefield.

Omni-directional Mobility Gear

Making adjustments to your 3D maneuvering gear can help you take down Titans faster than normal. This gear is rated in three different categories, reel speed, anchor range and anchor strength. It’s important to know which category you should focus on to make sure you’re spending your hard-earned money on the right gear.

Reel Speed – The reel speed of your gear determines how fast you can move toward a Titan once you’ve latched on to them. The higher this rating, the faster you will move toward the Titan. If you’ve got high gas pressure on your canister, or you have high anchor strength, this category isn’t as important as the others. With high gas pressure you’ll already have increased speed, and with high anchor strength you will be able to stay attached to a Titan longer and speed won’t be as much of a concern.

Anchor Range – The anchor range of your gear is very important because it determines how far away you can lock on to a Titan and enter combat mode. When you’re moving from Titan to Titan, or just trying to move around the city or forest closing in on a Titan, having a longer engage distance can make it much easier to get to the Titan and take them down as quickly as possible. This also allows you to complete missions faster and score higher ratings at the end of each mission.

Anchor Strength – This determines how long you can stay anchored to a Titan while in combat mode. The higher this rating the longer you’ll be able to stay connected. Under most circumstances, skilled players won’t have to worry too much about this rating. These players can bring down Titans relatively fast, which means you won’t need to hold on very long. However, if you have trouble bringing down Titans, focus on this category to give yourself a bit more time to take them out.

We’ll have more on Attack on Titan all this week, so stay tuned to Prima Games for more tips and tricks!

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