Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg Trophies Listed

The path to the Platinum trophy in Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg

After originally launching on the PlayStation in 1997, Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg has made its return to the current landscape of gaming, as a remake of the first entry in the Atelier series has officially arrived on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and PS5. Unlike previous versions of the game, The Alchemist of Salburg remake features a list of trophies for players to complete on the way to a shiny new PlayStation platinum trophy on both PS4 and PS5. Here is the full list of Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg trophies, including their respective rarity.

Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg Trophy List

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Alchemaster (Platinum Trophy)

Obtained all other trophies.

Fairytale (Bronze Trophy)

Met a fairy for the first time.

A Royal Welcome (Bronze Trophy)

Gained entry to the Royal Castle.

Hair Today … (Bronze Trophy)

Completed the weapon shop master’s quest.

Bestest Friends (Silver Trophy)

Cured Schea’s illness.

I … Passed? (Bronze Trophy)

Managed to graduate somehow.

Local Hero (Silver Trophy)

Saved Salburg from disaster.

Philosopher (Silver Trophy)

Became a professor at the Academy.

Researcher (Silver Trophy)

Pursued a career as a researcher.

Living Legend (Silver Trophy)

Left Schea to embark on your own journey.

The Legendary Pair (Gold Trophy)

Entered the Martial Tournament with Schea.

Know-It-All (Bronze Trophy)

Achieved knowledge over 3000.

Household Name (Bronze Trophy)

Achieved reputation over 800.

I Got This (Silver Trophy)

Achieved level 50.

Battle Fever (Bronze Trophy)

Achieved victory in 50 battles.

Bag of Tricks (Bronze Trophy)

Used Marie’s special to strengthen an item.

First Adventure (Bronze Trophy)

Traveled outside for the first time.

Alchemy 101 (Bronze Trophy)

Synthesized an item for the first time.

Look at Me Go! (Bronze Trophy)

Synthesized 30 items.

Vroom Broom (Bronze Trophy)

Synthesized a Living Broom.

Prodigy (Bronze Trophy)

Synthesized a rank-7 item.

Master Gatherer (Bronze Trophy)

Gathered ingredients 100 times.

Mountaineer (Bronze Trophy)

Reached Mount Wieland.

World Tripper (Silver Trophy)

Traveled to 10 different destinations.

Handywoman (Bronze Trophy)

Completed 50 quests.

Item Collector (Bronze Trophy)

Reached 100% completion of the item Guide.

Monster Hunter (Bronze Trophy)

Reached 100% completion of the enemy Guide.

Busybody (Bronze Trophy)

Listened to every rumor.

Hit the Books (Bronze Trophy)

Read every reference.

Hard Worker (Silver Trophy)

Completed all of Ingrid’s assignments.

Miss Moneybags (Silver Trophy)

Amassed 99,999 coins.

Fairy Godmother (Bronze Trophy)

Hired seven fairies at once.

ZZZ (Bronze Trophy)

Rested for three or more days in a row.

Window Shopper (Bronze Trophy)

Purchased absolutely nothing.

Barrel Roll (Bronze Trophy)

Inspected a barrel.

Interior Design (Bronze Trophy)

Acquired five different decorations.

Windfall (Bronze Trophy)

Won a gold medal in Apple Rush.

It Was THIS Big (Bronze Trophy)

Won a gold medal in Golden Salmon Search.

Ratcatcher (Bronze Trophy)

Won a gold medal in Catch Those Rats.

Punipunipuni (Bronze Trophy)

Won a gold medal in Punipuni Hammer.

Nap Time (Bronze Trophy)

Won a gold medal in Name Collector.

Treasure Hunter (Bronze Trophy)

Won a gold medal in Treasure Hunt.

Mini Maestro (Silver Trophy)

Won a gold medal in six different minigames.

Bosom Buddies (Silver Trophy)

Reached max friendship with all allies.

Memory Lane (Gold Trophy)

Completed 100% of the event list.

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Bandit Boss (Bronze Trophy)

Defeated Bandit Chief.

Wind Spirit (Bronze Trophy)

Defeated Wirbel.

Fire and Fury (Bronze Trophy)

Defeated Flammpfeil.

Lord of Demons (Silver Trophy)

Defeated Faren.

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