Assassin’s Creed Unity Beginners Tips

Unlock chests, buy weapons and blend into your surroundings.

The French Revolution is a massive turning point for France as well as the Brotherhood in Ubisoft’s newest adventure, Assassin’s Creed Unity. If you’re struggling to keep up with all the craziness unfolding on the streets of 1700s Paris, we sent our best assassins to gather intel and bring you this list of some of the most important strategies in the game.

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Unlock all of the chests

As you move through the world, you may notice the various colored chests scattered around the map. Each of these chests require different things to unlock them. Gold chests require a link to Uplay, Blue chests require use of the companion app, while red chests require lock picks and white require nothing. 

The color of the chest also depends on the reward. For example, you get more from the Red (locked) chests than you do from the White (unlocked) ones. 

It is definitely worth taking the time to line Arno’s pockets with any loot you find readily available in these chests. This makes chest looting a great way to build up your coin purse with little to no risk.

Purchase new weapons


Now that your pockets are heavy, it’s time to burn some of that hard earned cash and purchase new weapons. The first thing you’ll want to do is pick up a pistol or rifle. This will give you a ranged weapon for taking out hard to reach enemies surrounded by patrolling guards. These weapons will make a lot of noise, but the benefit of attacking from far away lets you escape before anyone is able to reach your previous location.

After you’ve picked up a new gun, it’s time to upgrade your sword. Since the sword is one of your primary weapons, you’ll want to make sure you go for something with speed and damage attributes. We highly suggest picking up the one-handed Foil, as it has a good mixture of Damage, Speed, Range and Parry. Once you’ve found your weapons of choice, it’s time to return to the streets and take on the Templars.

Synch up


Navigating the streets and rooftops of Paris is a vital part of making the most of your tool belt in Assassin’s Creed, and this game is no different. You’ll want to grab every Synch point you can spot in order to open up the map as well as the fast travel areas. Synchronizing your character with these points is extremely vital to making sure you always have an escape plan before going into a heavily guarded area, because sometimes it just isn’t enough to run blindly up the side of a building.

Save people


The revolution in Paris brings with it certain perils for the citizens of the city. It’s your job as an Assassin and seeker of justice to help people in need. While exploring the world, you’ll come across Crowd Events asking you to Tackle the Thief or Scare the Bullies. Some of these tasks even require that you Kill the Criminals. No matter the task, Arno is on a crusade to bring justice back to the city, and it’s your job as the player to help make that happen. Participate in a certain number of Crowd Events to complete sets and unlock rewards.

Using cover


Combat can be harsh in Assassin’s Creed Unity, and with militia men running around with guns, it’s never too soon to start hiding around corners. This move is critical to clearing out guards in heavily populated areas, as well as simply hiding from enemies. Cover not only allows you to stay hidden, but it also keeps Arno safe from any bullets that might be sent his way. Simply run up to a wall or object and press the indicated button to enter cover mode, then wait silently for your enemies to pass by. They won’t know what hit them.

Blending in


Part of an Assassin’s job is to blend in wherever he goes. Sometimes the people around you are the greatest weapon you have. To blend in with the masses, all you need to do is stand or walk close to a group of citizens, but make sure not to walk TOO close to guards as they may spot you anyway. This tactic is an ideal move for sneaking up on targets moving through the streets and crowds of Paris. The crowd is like your own personal Trojan Horse. Bad guys will never see you coming.

Run, Sneak, Hide


Out of the three things you’ll do the most in Assassin’s Creed Unity, hiding is the most important. Yes, you can always run, but running puts you further from your target, and thus makes it harder for you to take them down. Throughout Paris are several different areas in which you can hide. There are wagons of hay and confessional-like boxes with curtains. These are perfect spots to take a quick breather after you break line of sight with your pursuers. You can even kill enemies who get too close.

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