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Assassin’s Creed Rogue – Find All of the Cave Paintings

by Prima Games Staff

Assassin’s Creed Rogue contains so many collectibles it will take you tens of hours finding them all, to the point where you’ll forget about the plot and current mission. There are 200 Animus Fragments alone, and if that sounds too daunting, you can always go after 19 Blueprints, 35 Letters and 60 Viewpoints. 

Today is all about Cave Paintings, of which, there are 24. To find them, you literally have to explore caves and use Eagle Vision to identify the markings, all of which tell a story. If you can’t find the last few paintings or want to know where all of them are, that’s what this outstanding spreadsheet is for. 

Location Coordinates Description of Painting
North Atlantic, Anticosti 184, -152 Mischief
North Atlantic, Le Chameau 73, -472 The End and Beyond
North Atlantic, Fogo 920, -66 Harmful Things
North Atlantic, Grande Entree 367, -482 Evil Remnants
North Atlantic, Gros Morne 491, -308 Shadows
North Atlantic, HMS Miranda 732, -178 The First Humans
North Atlantic, Nerepis 126, -743 Victory and Banishment
North Atlantic, Pearl Island 944, -933 The Challenge
North Atlantic, St. Johns 866, -638 Stubbornness
North Atlantic, Tera Nova 790, -484 Humanity
River Valley, Aarushi 931, -38 Laughter and Tears
River Valley, Aarushi 946, -47 Lightning in the Sky
River Valley, Black Ridge 77, -771 Swans
River Valley, Cieur-de-I’hiver 538, -212 The Great Turtle
River Valley, Dekanawida 509, -657 Apple Tree
River Valley, Dekanawida 491, -660 Underwater
River Valley, Genesee 372, -16 Twins
River Valley, Mont Saint Denis 908, -412 Help Them
River Valley, Old Growth Forest 279, -527 Falling
River Valley, Orenda 280, -419 Finding Earth
River Valley, Otetiani 114, -391 The Beginning
River Valley, Red Bank 390, -967 Looking Below
River Valley, Riviere Aurifere 586, -292 Wonderment
River Valley, Vieille Carriere 514, -25 Growing

Assassin's Creed Rogue

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