Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Where To Find All Zanj Uprising Outfit Upgrade Schematics

Find out where both schematics are to fully upgrade the outfit of the Zanji rebel.

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Where there’s a chest that’s hard to gain access to in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, you are guaranteed it’s a new outfit, weapon, or schematic. These gear chests are all over Baghdad and are somewhat easy to find when using the right tools. In this post, we’ll focus on the schematics for the Zanj Uprising Outfit, which is the perfect outfit for illegal activities in and around the Round City.

Zanj Uprising Outfit Schematic: Krurasan Gate Guardhouse

The first schematic for the Zanj Uprising Outfit is on top of the roof at the Krurusan Gate Guardhouse. The guardhouse is located on the eastern (more east-northeast) border of the Round City wall and southeast of the Harbiyah region.


Act with caution when entering the Krurasan Gate Guardhouse. Caliphate Guards are all over.

At the top of the roof, there will be two Caliphate Guards who can be taken out in stealth mode. Time their walk to either side of the dome and do the deed. Once you’ve taken out the enemy, you’ll find the chest inside a locked storage unit.

How to Get to The Zanj Uprising Outfit Upgrade Schematic at Krurasan Gate Guardhouse

To get to the Zanj Uprising Outfit schematic, you’ll need to locate it in the locked storage area and solve a small puzzle. Walk to the right of the storage unit, and you’ll see some objectives that can be moved around. Break the pots in front of the objects so that you can move all of the objects freely.

Move the one on the left first and push it forward. Once you’ve released it, you’ll see another breakable jar behind the moveable object on the right. Use a throwing knife to break it. After you’ve broken it, move the object on the right by pushing it forward. Move into the gap, go into full rage mode, and break all the ceramic jars in front of you. You’ll then be able to slide under the obstacle, reach the gear chest inside, and obtain the first upgrade schematic.

Zanj Uprising Outfit Upgrade Schematic: Prince’s Palace

To obtain the final Zanj Uprising Outfit upgrade schematic inside the Prince’s Palace, you must avoid detection or kill the guards and use Eagle Vision to locate the gear chest. The palace is found in the southeast of Harbiyah and northeast of the Round City.

You can reach the Prince’s Palace by heading east from the Krurasan Gate Guardhouse, walking straight through the town, or parkouring on the rooftops in the same direction. To reach the Uprising Outfit schematic gear chest, reach the west side of the Prince’s Palace, where you’ll find scaffolding to climb up. Use this scaffolding to get on the side wall of the palace, where you’ll be able to enter.

All that’s left to do is take out all of the guards standing in your way. Going undetected will be harder and take longer. Assassinating the guards will be more rewarding, efficient, and less time-consuming.


You’ll not be able to use Enkidu to mark your enemies at the palace, as marksmen will shoot your eyes out of the sky. You’ll have to use Eagle Vision to mark your enemies.

Assassinating the Guards Inside the Prince’s Palace Undetected

To take out the guards in the vicinity, you can use the red flower shrubs against the palace walls to hide away and assassinate them without being noticed. There are three Caliphate Guards to take down. Once you’ve cleared the area, you’ll find a stairway across the way. Use this staircase to get into the palace. But beware; there’s a guard standing in the doorway where you need to enter.

Whistle to get his attention, then hide in the blue flower shrubs to the left or right of the doorway and wait to assassinate him. There will be two more guards and a few on the floor above that you’ll have to deal with inside. You’ll need to take out all of those on the bottom floor, while you’ll only need to take out the guard overlooking the courtyard on the upper floor.

Get into the hideout box and whistle to get the two guards’ attention on the ground floor. For the one looking over the courtyard, use a throwing knife to end his watch. Once you’ve killed the overlooker, the others will do a search. Hide in the box again, wait for them to do their search, and then return to their post upstairs. Now, you’ll be able to move along the wall of the room where the gear chest is located.

While crouching, move along the wall and enter the open door. In the room, you’ll see the chest in the corner. Loot it and retrieve the final upgrade schematic for the Zanj Uprising Outfit. If you want to exit the palace easily, unbar the closed door and exit the way you entered the palace.


Keep your Eagle Vision activated, and you’ll be able to locate the gear chest easier.

How to Upgrade The Zanj Uprising Outfit in Assassin’s Creed Mirage

To upgrade the Zanj Uprising Outfit, you must have the upgrade schematics in your possession, possess all of the materials to craft it, and find a tailor in the region. Materials such as steel ingot, leather, or components are used as upgrade materials. These materials can be found on the menu under the Tools tab.

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