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Assassin’s Creed Chronicles India Tips and Tricks

by Prima Games Staff

Although we’ll have to wait for the next big Assassin’s Creed game to be released (it’s rumored to appear late 2017), we have the latest chapter in the Chronicles series, India, in the meantime. This fun little spin-off features a colorful new locale to venture through, as well as new skills to master, mainly based around the art of stealth.

Here are some tips that will help you get through the game.

Stealth is Everything

First off, you’re going to use stealth a lot more in AC Chronicles India than any other game – in the early going, it’s actually a requirement, as you won’t be assigned combat skills right away, and getting caught once, if you don’t run away fast enough, is imminent death.

With that, you’ll want to use the environment to your advantage. You can hide in small rooms and behind posts without giving away your position, but you’ll want to watch for the “vision cones” on the guards. If you’re spotted, you’ll have like a split-second to try and escape their view before they see you and pursue you relentlessly.

What’s more, guards will be more in groups now, so even if you are able to incapacitate one (once you gain the skills), you could easily gain the attention of another – and he’ll call reinforcements that can do you in. The best way to play this is slow and steady in the beginning, and even as you gain fighting skills, don’t go running into a combat scenario. In some situations, you won’t win, especially if you’ve got guards taking shots at you from above with their guns.

If you feel the need to pick off guards, plan your attack carefully. Wait for them to get separated from one another, or create a distraction (via a thrown noise or a whistle) to make one come closer to you while the other maintains his position. From there, you can either kill them with a sword slash or knock them unconscious (very in nature with the main character), and hide their bodies in the nearby room, so you don’t give away your position.

Remember, slow and steady – that’s what’s going to win here.

Tools of the Trade

An assassin is always prepared to get around a place without getting noticed, as previous games in the Creed series have taught us. What you’ll want to do is get a good look at your environment before you move forward, so you don’t automatically have to rush into a situation and find that it’s useless to get past.

For instance, ledges and walls (covered in red tapestries) provide a great way to get around guards without them noticing you – in some situations, you can even hang above them without giving away your position, and even drop in on a few when they don’t expect it. Don’t forget the rooms and posts as well – you can duck in a hurry, then dart to the next connecting one by pressing in that direction (while staying in cover) without giving away your position. That is, unless you run right into a guard’s vision, in which case you could be in trouble.

Don’t forget to use your items as well. The thrown noise and the whistle are great assets, as they enable you to get around guards by distracting them long enough to find another way around. For those guards that watch over certain points on the map – like a ladder, for instance – this is key for getting them to move out of the way, so you can run up and, if necessary, take them out. Sometimes, slipping past is the best move you can make. Death isn’t everything in this game (as sweet as some of the kills can be).

If You Have to Fight…

Last but not least, if you have to fight and can’t run away from certain guards, there are three techniques you’ll want to keep in mind.

First up is the slide kick. With this, you can knock an enemy down long enough to strike quickly so they don’t get back up. This is excellent if you have someone pursuing you and one of their colleagues is about to block their path.

The second is the rollover. If you don’t feel like going underneath, you can roll over the top of an enemy by quickly pressing the coordinating button. This will allow you to dodge their attack and keep going, in case you don’t feel like killing them.

Finally, make sure you master the dodge technique. When enemies shoot at you from afar, a bullet can make all the difference between life and death. You’ll see a sightline connecting them to you when they’re about to shoot, and you’ll want to hit the coordinating button to dodge it, all while keeping your guard against enemies closer to you. Remember, the goal here is to avoid all enemy advances, both up close and from a distance.

Good luck!


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