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Asphalt Street Storm Racing – How to Upgrade Your Car

by Josh Hawkins

Upgrading your vehicle in Asphalt Street Storm Racing is the best way to make it faster on the road. Like many racing games available, there are a ton of different sections and items that you can upgrade, but which items should you upgrade first? In this article we’ll talk in-depth about the game’s upgrade system, how to upgrade your car in Asphalt Street Storm Racing, and focus on which items players should upgrade first to make sure they’re keeping their vehicle balanced.

How to Upgrade Your Car

Upgrading your car is easy. All you need to do is locate the Upgrade button on the bottom of your screen, and then tap on it. From here you should see a bar near the top with several different icons. You can upgrade different components for the following categories:

  • Engine
  • Drivetrain
  • Forced Induction
  • Intake
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust System
  • ECU
  • Internal Body
  • NOS
  • Tires

While some of these categories may not seem important, each and every upgrade type plays an important role in making your car as balanced as possible. You should always try to balance out your upgrades as having imbalanced upgrades in your vehicle can lead to a car that is harder to control. You can check out our Asphalt Street Storm Racing tips for more information on balance, and why it’s important.

Upgrades to Focus on First

When you’re first starting out in Asphalt Street Storm Racing, you’ll want to focus on your Engine first. This will increase your overall power. We’d suggest adding upgrades to your Pistons and Distributor. From there you can move on to your Injection System, and the other components of the Engine. Don’t upgrade too much here just yet, though. Once you have Pistons and Distributor upgraded, head over to the Tires and upgrade your Tires to increase your vehicle’s Grip.

This will keep you from having to worry about as much Tire spin when trying to figure out how to get Perfect Starts, which can be really helpful during your attempts to become the racing champion.

Once you’ve upgraded those three items, start experimenting with the other pieces of your build to see which works best for you. If you want to increase your acceleration, then try finding items that decrease your weight and increase your Torque. Just remember to keep things in balance, as wheel spin is a terrible foe that can derail your entire racing experience.

You can always downgrade items if you find yourself having too many problems with them. To do this, simply select the previous upgrade tier in that item’s lineup, and your vehicle will automatically be downgraded to those stats. You will lose out on Torque and other features that it helps, but this can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing.

Remember to balance out your upgrades, and always make sure your vehicle is running well before you take it out too much. Wheel spin is a dangerous thing, and you don’t want to end up with a wrecked vehicle because it couldn’t keep up with the power underneath its hood.

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