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Asphalt Street Storm Racing – How to Perfect Shift, Perfect Start

by Josh Hawkins

Perfect Shifts and Perfect Starts are the best way to ensure your win in Asphalt Street Storm Racing, as they’ll allow you to pull a little extra horsepower out of your car and stay ahead of your opponents. But, achieving these things can be quite difficult, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll often find yourself falling just below Perfect with a Good Shift or a Good Start. In this article we’ll offer up some advice which should help you obtain more Perfect Starts and Perfect Shifts in Asphalt Street Storm Racing.

How to Get a Perfect Start

While Perfect Shifts are almost as important, the Perfect Start is really the best way to ensure you stay ahead of your opponents. Normally, as you move up through the ranks, you’re going to be beating your enemies out by a mere few inches at the finish line. You can make sure these few inches are in your favor by assuring you have the best start possible.

The best way to assure you’re getting the best out of your vehicle each race is to get that Perfect Start. To do this, wait for the timer to hit 3 before you start revving. This will make it easier to get inside the small green area that signifies the Perfect Start rating, which is what you’ll need to do. Keep a constant eye on the needle as you rev up your engine, and then wait for the timer to hit 1, when this happens, quickly position your finger over the LAUNCH button, and then tap it to send your car flying off the starting line.

Depending on the weight and the power of your vehicle, you may need to upgrade your car’s Grip in order to reduce wheel spin, which can ruin all the momentum that you gain from a Perfect Start.

How to Perfect Shift

Perfect Shifting is just as crucial to your racing as a Perfect Start, but you’re going to have to do it a lot more, and it’s a bit easier to do despite the fact that you’re racing along at God only knows how fast. In order to hit a Perfect Shift, you’re going to want to watch the needle. This is especially easy, since you don’t have to steer the car, which is really nice. Keep your eye on the needle and hover your hand over the shift up button. When you see it pass over the yellow line that surrounds the green area, start lowering your finger to tap the button. By the time the needle hits the green (which signifies the Perfect Shift) the needle on your speedometer should have moved into the green territory, allowing you to move to the next gear without any trouble.

The trick to getting Perfect Starts and Perfect Shifts is to practice them over and over again. Go up against AI, try out your skills in 4P races, and each race you complete will lead you to become more and more used to Perfecting Shifting and Perfect Starting. Just remember that each car accelerates differently, so those shifts may move much quicker—or slower—depending on the vehicle you’re using.

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