ARMS Skillshot Tips

Find out how to get high scores in Skillshot and the Arms Getter.

As you play through Grand Prix and Party Match in ARMS for the Nintendo Switch, you’ll encounter the Skillshot mini-game. Skillshot in ARMS is very similar to the Arms Getter mini-game and requires you to destroy targets to earn a high score. The player with the highest score wins. This article covers ARMS Skillshot tips, as well as Arms Getter tips since they’re essentially one in this same. We’ll show you how to get a high score in Skillshot and how to win Skillshot!

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Skillshot Basics

  • Try to hit multiple targets with a single punch to multiply your points.
  • You can hit your opponent and the opponent can hit you.

ARMS Skillshot

There are a couple of important rules that you need to understand before you can gain the upper hand in Skillshot. First and foremost, the number of targets you hit is less important than how many combos you can land. If you hit each target individually you won’t score many points. However, if you can get multiple targets with a single punch you’ll earn a lot more points!

When playing Skillshot you’re not just attacking the targets, you can also hit the opponent across the stage, which will add to your score. Likewise, the opponent can hit you, which can disrupt your ability to hit the targets. Watch out for attacks from the far side, which can be difficult to see due to the targets.

Skillshot Tips

  • Use multi-hit Arms to get easier combos.
  • Hit the opponent to earn more points and potentially disable your opponent for a short time with a charged punch or grab.
  • Punch just before the targets pop up so your Arm is already out and right in front of the targets when they pop up.

If you’re trying to score as many points as possible, it’s best to use an Arm that has multiple, wide attacks. For example, the Triblast or Tribolt both shoot three horizontal shots that make combos in Skillshot significantly easier to pull off. Curved Arms typically aren’t as good because hitting multiple targets with a single punch is generally easier to do with a straight punch as opposed to a curved punch.

Between target spawns charge your Arms but blocking or dashing (and holding the dash button). With a charged punch, you should aim for the opponent on the far side of the stage in addition to the targets. Hitting an opponent with a charged punch will not only give you more points, it can also disable them if you use a grab or an Electric element Arm. You can even knock them down with a Fire or Wind element. If you time this correctly you can disable or knock down an opponent right before the next wave of targets spawn, giving you a huge advantage.

The targets don’t just pop up immediately. If you pay close attention you will see the targets stick up slightly just before they spawn completely. Use this opportunity to get a preemptive punch going. The targets aren’t right next to your character, which means a punch takes a second before it reaches the closest target. You can save time and get a jump on the opponent by starting your punch just before the targets pop up completely. With good timing your punch should hit the closest target just as it emerges from the ground.

Arms Getter Tips

Most of the above tips work for the Arms Getter mini-game as well. While we already covered how to get Arms fast, the main differences between Skillshot tips and Arms Getter tips are that there’s no opponent on the far side and you don’t get to choose the Arms you use during the mini-game. However, it’s still a good idea to punch before the targets fully spawn to cut down on your time, and also hit as many targets as you can with a single punch to get through each wave as fast as possible.

You can check out more Arms Getter tips or general tips on how to play in our ARMS game hub!

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