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ARK Fjordur Obsidian Locations Map Guide

by Nikola Pajtic

ARK: Survival Evolved recently got the new non-canonical DLC expansion map, Fjordur. The map features new exotic locations for you to find resources and creatures to tame. Obsidian is an invaluable resource, used for crafting various necessary items. It is found in caves and mountains, and we will help you find it in Fjordur.

ARK Fjordur: Where to Find Obsidian, Locations Guide

Several locations hide vast amounts of Obsidian. We will share their latitude and longitude, making it rather easy for you to find them:

Location 1

You will find Obsidian near the castle at the 53.7/70.8 coordinates

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Location 2

On the west side of the map, there is a pretty nice Obsidian spawn found at 47.7/89.3 coordinates.

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Location 3

Above Helms Deep, you will find a cluster of Obsidian at 31.8/67.2 coordinates.

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Location No. 4

At 9.6/94.7 coordinates in Redwoods, there is an Obsidian cluster waiting for you to collect.

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Location 5

Double Mountains hide a large spawn of Obsidian at 25.8/44.5 coordinates.

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Location 6

There is a large cluster of Obsidian at 22.1/32.1 coordinates on the Snowy Mountain.

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Location 7

You can farm Obsidian at 20.6/10.1 coordinates at Snowy Mountain.

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Location 8

Snowy Mountain holds another decent Obsidian spawn at 5.3/29.8 coordinates.

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Location 9

A large Obsidian cluster at 63.4/17.8 coordinates is waiting for you.

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Location 10

There is a medium Obsidian spawn at 87.5/26.1 coordinates on Snowy Mountain.

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Location 11

Probably the best location for farming Obsidian is at 88.8/96.6 coordinates in the Volcano Lava Stream. It is scattered around the edges of the lava stream.

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Now that you know all Obsidian locations in the Fjordur map, go out there and collect them to craft better items. If you need more help with Ark: Survival Evolved, click on the tag below the article.

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