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Apostate Destiny 2 Guide – How to Get This Rifle

by Ginny Woo

Some of the latest additions to Destiny 2: Shadowkeep have been, predictably, real bonkers weapons. We’re talking about the latest guns that you can gain from the Altar of Sorrow, and it’s not just limited to shotguns like the Blasphemer (although that is undoubtedly cool). Those who have their eye on the Apostate Destiny 2 rifle are going to be in luck – here’s our guide on adding this bad boy to your collection.

Apostate Destiny 2 Guide – How to Get This Rifle

Why is the Apostate so good? This Legendary sniper rifle has the following active perks: Rapid-Fire Frame – which gives deeper ammo reserves and has a faster reload when it’s empty, Rapid Hit – increased stability and reload speed, and Shield Disorient – energy matched shield explosions will disorient nearby enemies. If you’re looking to pick someone off from afar and you want to make a real impact when you do, then as long as you’ve got a steady trigger finger and can keep it together pressure when things detonate then this is a weapon match made in Heaven. 

However, getting it is going to be a bit of a trek. You’re going to have to repeatedly partake in the Altar of Sorrows event if you want to get it at Tier 5, or run the Pit of Heresy dungeon if you want a chance of it dropping. It’s all based on RNG, so you don’t really have a way of guaranteeing the drop outside of sheer persistence. If you’re going to run this content then you should make sure that you’re well-prepared for it to take a decent amount of time until you get the Apostate Destiny 2 sniper rifle.

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