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Apex Legends Character Tier List

by Prima Games Staff

Apex Legends currently has eight different characters – or Legends – to choose from. As with any class-based game, players are keen to know how they stack up against one another in an Apex Legends tier list. Every match of Apex means jumping in with a squad of three, and all the Legends can be useful in their own way. With that said, some are definitely more effective than others, so here’s our Character Tier List for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Character Tier List

You’ll always want to think about picking characters that complement each other other in Apex Legends, but for the sake of our tier list we’re largely looking at how characters stack up against one another.

  • S Tier – Bangalore
  • A Tier – Bloodhound, Wraith
  • B Tier – Lifeline, Gibraltar
  • C Tier – Mirage, Pathfinder
  • D Tier – Caustic

Tier List Explanation

Bangalore is the best offensive class out there right now. Her Double Time passive ability is incredible for both escaping and engaging in combat, markedly increasing your run speed whenever you’re shot at. Smoke grenades make her a brilliant support, able to cover downed teammates, mask approaches and run when needed. Finally, her Ultimate is a fantastic damage dealer that pressures opponents into running or facing a world of hurt. Overall, Bangalore is a brilliant Legend capable of an awful lot on her own.

Bloodhound excels at close range thanks to the ability to follow enemy movements and scan them through walls, as well as their Beast of the Hunt Ultimate turning them into a speedy combat machine. Wraith also provides brilliant mobility and protection thanks to the option to phase out of a fight, and when placed well her portals can seriously mess with an enemy team’s head or offer an escape from a bad fight or the ring.

Lifeline falls just short of A Tier due to her fairly useless D.O.C. Heal Drone power. Her Ultimate is one of the best in the game, and she’s a brilliant addition to any squad thanks to her speedy revives, but her healing capabilities are sorely lacking right now. Gibraltar also sits in the same category, coming equipped with a helpful Dome of Protection and powerful Ultimate, but an underwhelming passive. His Gun Shield breaks fairly easily, which combined with his larger size and lack of any movement options makes him an easy target during fights. A solid support, but with large weaknesses.

Mirage isa blast to play, but lacks abilities that help his team. He may be the master of deception, but once players get used to his tricks, they don’t allow for much more. He doesn’t turn fully invisible with his Ultimate, and his Passive is fairly useless. Pathfinder on the other hand provides decent team mobility thanks to his fast-charging ziplines, but largely feels inferior to Wraith. He’s great when played tactically though, as scanning for the next ring can let you get a positional advantage in the end game.

Finally, poor old Caustic sits at the bottom in D Tier. Caustic’s Ultimate offers great area control, but the damage it deals is surprisingly low for such a small area (compared to Bangalore and Gibraltar). Likewise Caustic’s traps are all but useless across much of Kings Canyon, only really coming into play inside building or the smaller space of the final ring. Without any mobility he struggles to compete with Apex’s more aggressive cast.

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