Halloween will soon be invading the world of Apex Legends when the Fight or Fright event begins for the battle royale title. There will be a variety of new cosmetic items for players to acquire throughout the Fight or Fright event. However, the most sought after one will undoubtedly be the new Lifeline Heirloom item. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to obtain the Apex Legends Lifeline Heirloom covered for you. 

Apex Legends Lifeline Heirloom

Apex Legends players know that Heirloom items are the rarest cosmetic items in the high-profile battle royale. Only a couple of characters even have one in their aesthetic item pool. Luckily for Lifeline mains, the medic character will be getting her first Heirloom item when the Halloween Fight or Fright event kicks off. 

Apex Legends Lifeline Heirloom

Players will be able to secure this rare cosmetic skin for Lifeline's melee weapon if they can collect all 24 of the exclusive cosmetic items that will be added to Apex Legends with the Fight or Fright event. However, this particular item will still be available for players to get through packs following the conclusion of the Halloween event for the battle royale title. 

Lifeline is my favorite character, so I know I will be grinding away to try my best to unlock this item during the Halloween Fight or Fright event this month. 

This upcoming limited-timed event will also be bringing a new game mode to the battle royale game where players will have to fight off the undead versions of other competitors who have become freakishly agile and powerful.

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