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Apex Legends – How to Get Iron Crown Packs

by Nicholas Barth

The Iron Crown Collection event is the latest major piece of content to be added into the popular battle royale title of Apex Legends. This Apex Legends Iron Crown event has brought a new Gauntlet area to the map of the battle royale game and a whole array of new cosmetic items for players to acquire. These cosmetic items can be earned by opening packs exclusive to the original event. There are a couple of ways you receive these packs, and we have them covered for you. 

Apex Legends – How to Get Iron Crown Packs

Players can get Iron Crown packs in Apex Legends by completing the various new challenges which have been added into the title. However, achieving these challenges will not award you with enough to unlock all of the newly added cosmetic items. This fact means players will have to spend real money to earn more Iron Crown Packs in Apex Legends. 

One pack will cost you 700 coins. A pack of 10 will burn a hole the size of 7,000 coins in your virtual wallet. 

Collecting all of the new cosmetic items will add the fantastic Bloodhound Heirloom to your inventory. The allure of adding the Bloodhound Heirloom item will likely cause plenty of players to spend enough to acquire some Apex Legends Iron Crown packs and secure all of the new cosmetics. 

This new event also added the limited time solos game mode which is a perfect opportunity for players to show off their skills and new cosmetic items while defeating their opponents in the recently added playlist for the high-profile battle royale title. 

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