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Apex Legends Halloween Event – Everything We Know

by Nicholas Barth

The past few years have seen multiple games create Halloween themed in-game events for their communities by putting a terrifying spin on the things players love about the games themselves. Apex Legends will be the newest title to have a Halloween event taking place and is sure to have plenty of wicked plans for those who dive into the original content this October. 

Have you been searching for more information on this upcoming Apex Legends Halloween event? Be sure to check out everything we know so far below.

Apex Legends Halloween Event

Pathfinder voice actor Chris Edgerly revealed the very first details of this new activity coming to Apex Legends in an interview with Dexerto. According to Edgerly, the Apex Legends Halloween event will be one for the books, and his character of Pathfinder will be playing a much more significant role in the story. 

Apex Legends Halloween Event

“The Halloween event coming up is going to be simply amazing. I recorded some new stuff for a short for it, where Pathfinder has a much bigger role,” said Edgerly. “They let me ad-lib quite a bit so we’ll see what they kept in and get ready to see some creepy, scary, kick-ass designs. Can’t say any more than that, unfortunately!”

It looks as though players can expect to see plenty of horror-filled cosmetic items and other design changes take place to help transform the environment of the battle royale title for the holiday. A Frankenstein skin had been previously leaked for Gibraltar which means more skins of the same nature are sure to be ready for when the new Apex Legends event rolls around. 

How excited are you to witness a Halloween event taking place in Apex Legends? Let us know your thoughts about the mysterious affair over on Twitter and Facebook! Are you looking for more coverage of the famous battle royale title? If so, be sure to check out all of the map locations for Season 3 of the high-profile game. 

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