Apex Legends: Best Squad Picks

When looking for that win in Apex Legends, here are the top squad comps.
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Respawn shocked everyone back in February when they debuted their own entry into the battle royale crazy with Apex Legends, and since then online players have been enjoying the PvP experience immensely. With Year 1 officially in full swing, there are a lot of new players joining the mix. To help all enjoying the online game maximize their time vying for the winning spot, here’s the ideal comp players should pay attention to when selecting their Legends. 

First and foremost we want to preface this by saying play who you want to play. That being said, some players like a little competition and taking to online games with strategy in mind. With the help of the stat site Play-Apex.net, here is the numeric breakdown of wins across all available legends, including the newest character Octane: 

The above rankings can also be broken down by executions, sniper kills, care package kills, and many more sub-categories for those deeply curious about how each Legend performs. 

It’s not surprising that Wraith is coming in at the top, she has been held in high regard since launch, in no small part due to her special abilities concerning her Void. Pathfinder is a close second with his grapple abilities, with Lifeline, Bangalore and Octane coming up on the rear. 

With monitoring patterns of Legend performance since launch, the ideal squad would consist of Wraith, Pathfinder, and Bangalore, though swapping out Pathfinder with Octane works just as well. If you’re playing with a newer player, a Lifeline would be a good substitution as well for healing while the newcomer gets aquainted with the in-game mechanics and map layout. 

Apex Legends is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Still no world on a Switch release not unlike Fortnite, though the game is just starting out so anything is possible at this point. 


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