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Apex Legends Battle Pass Guide: Season 2 Weekly Challenges

by Ginny Woo

Not quite sure what all this kerfuffle with the Apex Legends Battle Pass is about? Well, we’ve got answers if you’ve got questions. While there are definitely a whole lot of other changes that Season 2 has brought, including weapons, characters and even map changes, the battle pass still remains a bit of an outlier with its myriad of daily and weekly challenges. Check out our guide for how these challenges will work, and what leveling up your battle pass will get you.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Guide — Season 2 Weekly Challenges

While there are daily challenges as part of the Apex Legends Battle Pass, these are generally pretty trivial and can be completed quickly. They’re all generated randomly for each player, so you and your mates won’t necessarily have the same challenges to complete day to day. When it comes down to the weekly challenges, though, there are two distinct types. 

The first kind of weekly challenge that you encounter is to do with persistent objectives. These could be about looting certain items, or getting certain kills, and these are standardized across the board i.e. they’re going to be the same for every player. The second type of weekly challenge will be persistent in a different way — these will refresh every week, and be identical every week instead of necessarily being the same across players. One feature that these challenges have is that they will be repeatable week to week after being reset. What sort of challenges will these be? We’re looking at ones involving a certain amount of match EXP, or ones about completing a set number of other challenges. 

If you finish your challenges, you’ll earn a new Battle Pass currency called STARS. These STARS can be used to increase your Battle Pass level, and your best bet to get your hands on them is being consistent with completing your daily and your weekly challenges going forward. You should be able to hit Level 100 on your Battle Pass by completing the repeatable challenges consistently, and also ensuring that your weekly challenges are ticked off whenever you can get to them. The daily challenges that reset will give you the most bang for your buck, as they’re usually the easiest to actually finish. 

Now that we’ve pointed you in the right direction when it comes to what to prioritize with your Apex Legends Battle Pass in Season 2, it’s time to take a running swing at some of these STARS challenges and other Battle Royale shenanigans. Leveling up your Battle Pass is just one way to enjoy Apex Legends; there’s also the Limited Time solo mode as part of the Iron Crown Collection event which will keep players occupied for some time while it’s still available. 

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