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Apex Legends Bangalore Tips

by Christopher Buffa

In Apex Legends you’re fast or you’re dead, so it’s a good thing Bangalore is the quickest sprinter of them all. Of course you’ll need some Apex Legenda Bangalore tips to do well. With her Passive Ability and smoke screen you can easily get out of trouble, and her Ultimate Ability is enough to send foes scrambling for cover. Here we’ll give you the lowdown on how to play Bangalore in Apex Legends.

How to Play Bangalore

Bangalore is the closest thing Apex Legends has to the standard soldier class. She’s a solid run and gunner with a focus on offense, though you can also use her abilities to get your squadmates out of harm’s way as well. Bangalore has some of the best mobility in the game, but don’t overlook her offense and support powers. Before learning how to make the most of them, here’s a quick reminder of her abilities and their cooldowns.

  • Bangalore Ability Cooldowns
  • Passive Ability: Double Time
  • Bangalore’s sprint speed is increased for a short duration after she’s shot at.
  • Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher – 30s charge time per smoke
  • Fires a projectile that splits into 3 smoke canisters creating a wall of smoke. Stores two charges.
  • Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder – 4m 30s charge time
  • Calls down a long barrage of missiles than then explode in a creeping line.

Bangalore Beginner Tips

Bangalore is the best Legend in the game if you know how to use her effectively. Learning to master these skills takes skill itself and that begins with a good understanding of her abilities. Bangalore will fit anyone who with exceptional aim who isn’t afraid of getting out into the thick of battle.

Double Time, Bangalore’s passive ability that is automatically activated, grants her a speed boost whenever taking fire. This is an invaluable escape tool, making you harder to hit and giving you the chance to run for cover. Even if you don’t hear the shot, listen for Bangalore’s shout and the sprint symbol that flashes up on screen when it activates, then make haste to the nearest cover.

Smoke Launcher is the most versatile of her toolset, laying down a visual wall that blocks sight and can blanket a huge area with its two charges simultaneously (or one area for a longer period used back to back). If your squadmate needs reviging you want to recover their banner, lay down some smokes ASAP to stop enemies lining up a shot. Likewise, if you win a close fight and need to heal or loot a box in the open, smokes are your best friend.

Smoke Launcher can be a great tool for attacking, too. Disguise flanks from your team and confuse the enemy with a wall of smoke. Most enemies will spray hopefully through the smoke in an attempt to hit you, which will activate your Double Time passive and make you even deadlier. Use the extra speed to reposition and catch them during their reload.

Your ultimate, Rolling Thunder is an excellent aggressive maneuver, even better than Gibraltar’s Bombardment. Your marker calls in two lines of explosives that start from the place it lands and heads away from you. After a short delay they’ll begin detonating in turn, sending a creeping wave of explosions across the battlefield. These explosions won’t hurt your teammates, but they can disorient them, so be careful about where your team is positioned. Otherwise this can be a great opening move in a fight, or a way to force enemies out of cover from behind a rock. Throw the marker just short of your opponent’s position to panic them, then have your squadmates engage during the beautiful chaos.

Bangalore Advanced Tips

Bangalore is best played in aggressively, and her Double Time ability will make an experienced shot almost unstoppable. Dance around your enemy by breaking into a sprint and ducking, sliding and weaving to waste their ammo and confuse their aim. Then, while they’re reloading, send a few shots back with a heavier weapon.

Smoke Launcher is Bangalore’s bread and butter, it should become instinct to use this as soon as you are engaged upon without warning, or when you know you can gain an advantage. Don’t be afraid to make use of this as often as possible, but try not to block your team’s vision if you have the drop on an enemy squad.

If you find a Digital Threat optics attachment, you’ll be able to see enemies through the smoke, turning your smoke screens into killboxes. Be aware that the same is true for your enemies, so if you expect they’re well equipped, don’t treat smoke like a get out of jail free card.

Firing a smoke salvo directly onto an enemy squad’s position can also disguise your Rolling Thunder Ultimate. Throw it down after firing a few smokes and they’ll often run straight into it while escaping the smog. And if you’re really balling, if you manage to hit an enemy with the smoke grenade itself, you’ll do a massive 10 damage. Use this to really dunk on people once you’re balling.

Rolling Thunder is a solid tool for opening fights or finishing downed enemies, but it can also be used for area denial. Toss the marker in the escape route for an enemy team (especially in choke points) and they’ll struggle to avoid grenades or other fire. Likewise, flanking a squad your team has distracted can let you lay down the line directly behind them.

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