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Angry Birds Evolution – How to Get Gold Coins Fast

by Josh Hawkins

Angry Birds Evolution is a bit different than previous titles in the Angry Birds series, and if players want to be able level up their birds, or even obtain new birds, they’re going to need to learn how to get plenty of Gold Coins. Don’t worry, though, getting Gold Coins isn’t that hard in Angry Birds Evolution, and we’ll go over everything you need to know to get Gold Coins fast in the latest game from the Angry Birds series.

Sell Birds

One of the most surefire ways to earn more Gold Coins is to start selling off any birds that you don’t need. Every bird that you have is worth 10 Gold Coins per rarity level, which means that every bird is worth at least 10 Gold Coins. While four and five star birds are worth forty or even fifty Gold Coins, we’d suggest holding onto them and only getting rid of your one, two, and three star birds.

Selling birds is useful because it also allows you to empty out inventory space, which we talk about quite a bit in our guide on how to get more inventory space.

Complete Dungeons

Players will find some of the best rewards available inside the all new Dungeons that are available in Angry Birds Evolution. They can be difficult to get started in, though, as you’ll need at least 5 birds of the same color and a Team Power rating of at least 2500 to even hop into them. You’ll also need at least ten Dungeon Keys, or fifteen if you want to skip the battle. It may take you a bit to reach a point where you can do Dungeons, but once they unlock you’ll find yourself earning quite a stockpile of Gold Coins from them. You can learn how to get more bird eggs fast, which will help you build up your team early on.

Complete More Difficult Missions

Once you have reached level 8 and unlocked the game’s Hard difficulty, you can start completing battles on more difficult settings. Yes, this will make things tougher, but it will also drastically increase the amount of rewards that you earn from those missions, which is a good way to ensure every second you spend in the game is another second that you are earning Gold Coins for your stockpile.

Take Part in Timed Adventures

After you reach level 6, you’ll unlock some new Timed Adventures, which will pop up and allow you to send Scouts out to complete. The payout is a little low, and Timed Adventures do take a few hours to complete, but it is a good way to earn some extra Gold Coins without tying up any of your more important birds.

If you take part in the various options we’ve mentioned above, you should find yourself in a pretty good spot when it comes to money in Angry Birds Evolution. We’ll have some more helpful tips for you coming in the next couple of days, so be sure to bookmark our site for updated information concerning the latest entry in the Angry Birds series.