All Vertigo Callouts in CS2: Map Guide

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All Vertigo Map Callouts in CS2
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Vertigo is one of the oldest maps in Counter-Strike and in recent years, it had quite a few reworks. If you want to familiarize yourself with Vertigo Callouts in CS2, feel free to enjoy our Vertigo map guide below.

Every Vertigo Landmark in CS2 – Vertigo Callouts Listed

Vertigo has two floors on which the action is happening, so this time, we’ll have two pictures you can individually inspect; for the upper layer and the lower layer of the map. We won’t repeat callouts on two separate pictures unless they are relevant enough to be mentioned again.

General Tips for Vertigo in CS2

  • Ts attack through either B Stairs, Mid, or Ramp, which makes the organization of defenses slightly easier than on some other maps, but still, in most cases, each site will have 2 CTs, with one CT remaining on Mid since it’s fairly easy to rotate toward Mid from both sites if a player falls.
  • Be careful not to fall off the ledge, but also be aware that there are trick jumps to jump from upper to lower level and trick shots to successfully interact between parts of the map you thought were isolated from each other. Luckily, the “head in the ceiling” bug that allowed you to shoot through walls at basically every important spot was fixed (I hope).
  • The bridge causes a lot of noise. CT hanging out at the top mid or pushing T Mid will be able to hear the loud clanking footsteps of five Ts as they rush toward the A Ramp. If you are trying to push this location and you are playing in a 5-stack, consider walking over the bridge to prevent this.
  • As a final tip, here’s a before/after slider to better understand what’s above or below certain landmarks in this completely chaotic map.
Vertigo CS2 Map CalloutsVertigo CS2 Map Callouts

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