All Town of Salem 2 Roles, Listed

Dozens of roles to remember

So many factions, and even more roles. Here are all the Roles in Town of Salem 2.

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All Town of Salem 2 Roles, Listed

With so many roles in the game, even veteran players need a chart to remember what everyone does. After all, how are you going to outplay your enemy when you don’t even know what they’re capable of?

All Town Faction Roles in Town of Salem 2

You’re the good guys! And it’s your job to root out the evil in your town using your special abilities. Your goal is to hang every criminal and evildoer. And you’ll achieve your victory condition when the evil is killed.

AdmirerTown SupportYou may propose to players during the day. Once you have a Lover, you may Care for them at night.   Care – Gives Lover Powerful Defense and curses some negative effects. Care bypasses Jail targeting restrictions.
AmnesicTown SupportEach day you will attempt to remember you were like a Town role that is in the graveyard until you remember a role.   You prioritize remembering Town Power roles first.  
BodyguardTown ProtectiveGuard a player from one direct attack at night. Stay at home and protect yourself. Cannot counterattack passive attacks.
ClericTown ProtectiveCast a protective barrier on a player at night. Stay at home and cast a protective barrier on yourself.   You will know if your target is attacked. You can’t protect the Mayor once they reveal, but you can curse poison and prevent the Mayor from going insane.
CoronerTown InvestigativePerform an Autopsy on a dead player during the day to gain clues about who killed them. Examine players at night to see if they killed any of the players you autopsied.     Illusionists can make Coven members appear as if they aren’t the killer. Shrouds can make a player appear as if they are the killer.
CrusaderTown ProtectiveChoose a player to protect each night, attacking a random visitor.   The player you protect will receive Powerful Defense for the night. You’ll attack one random person who visits your target at night, and you’ll know if your target has been attacked.
DeputyTown KillingYou may shoot a player during the day. If you shoot a Town Faction member, you’ll immediately be killed.
InvestigatorTown InvestigateInvestigate a player’s house at night to see if there is any incriminating evidence.
JailorTown PowerDuring the day, you may choose one person to Jail for the night. You may choose to execute your prisoner. But if they’re part of the Town Faction, you’ll immediately die.
LookoutTown InvestigateWatch one person at night to see who visits them.
MarshalTown PowerYou may start a Tribunal during the Voting phase. During the Tribunal, you’ll receive one extra vote.
MayorTown PowerYou may reveal yourself as Mayor of the Town.
MonarchTown PowerChoose a player to Knight at night. A Knighted player will permanently have an extra vote.
ProsecutorTown PowerYou may perform a Prosecution against a player during the day. If you prosecute the wrong person, you’ll be killed.
PsychicTown InvestigateTarget a player to have a vision at night.   On odd nights, you’ll have a dream of three players. One of which will be evil. On even nights, you will have a vision of two players, one of which is good.
RetributionistTown SupportYou may raise a dead Town member to use their ability on a player.
SeerTown InvestigateChoose two targets to determine if they are on opposing factions.
SheriffTown InvestigateSearch one person each night for suspicious activity.
SocialiteTown SupportDuring the day, you may decide to Entertain the town at night.   Entertain – all players who attend the gathering will be able to communicate at night.
SpyTown InvestigateYou may bug a player’s house to see what happens to them at night. You will detect all status effects that happen to the bugged player’s house (role blocked, attacked, silenced, protected, etc), and all hidden effects.
Tavern KeeperTown SupportHave a celebratory beverage with your target at night, role blocking them.
TrackerTown InvestigateTrack one person each night to see who they visit.
TrapperTown ProtectiveYou may place a Trap at another player’s house. If the Trap is triggered by a harmful visit, it will deal a Powerful Attack to the visitor. If it is visited by a non-harmful visitor, it will reveal the role of all the non-harmful visitors.  
TricksterTown KillingYou may play a trick on a player, Taunting them into attacking you. You will counterattack anyone who attacks you with a Powerful Attack.
VeteranTown KillingDecide if you will go on Alert at night. If you go on Alert, you will deal a Powerful Attack to anyone who visits you.
VigilanteTown KillingChoose to take justice into your own hands and shoot someone at night. If you shoot another Town Member, you will be killed.

All Coven Faction Roles in Town of Salem 2

Your goal is simple. Eradicate all who would oppose the Coven.

ConjurerCoven KillingYou may choose to kill one player during the day.
Coven LeaderCoven PowerYou may choose to attack someone each night. Choose to empower your offense or defense with the Necronomicon.   
DreamweaverCoven DeceptionYou may invade the dreams of your target and attempt to drive them Insane.
EnchanterCoven DeceptionYou may choose to enchant a player with evil each night. You may also place a fake last will on your target.
Hex MasterCoven PowerYou may choose to Hex a player each night. If all non-Coven members are Hexed and the Hex Master is alive, you can kill all the Hexed players.
IllusionistCoven DeceptionYou can cast an illusion on a Coven member to make them appear innocent that night.
JinxCoven KillingYou may choose to lie in wait at your target’s house and Jinx a random non-Coven visitor.
MedusaCoven DeceptionYou may choose to Sonte Gaze a player each night. If a player you Stone Gaze dies, non-coven members won’t be able to see their role or last will.
NecromancerCoven UtilityYou may reanimate a dead player and use their ability on another player.
PoisonerCoven UtilityHave a beverage with your target at night, role blocking them. You may also choose to Poison a beverage once per game.
Potion MasterCoven UtilityYou may choose to use a potion on a player each night.   Potions include Barrier, which gives a player Powerful Defense, and Reveal, which reveals a player’s role to the other Coven members.
RitualistCoven KillingYou may perform a Blood Ritual on a player attempting to guess their role.
Voodoo MasterCoven UtilityChoose one person each night to create a voodoo doll of. Use the voodoo doll to silence a person the next day and prevent them from voting.
WildingCoven UtilityYou can track who your target visits. You can see who visits your target. You can overhear players’ whispers.
WitchCoven PowerYou can Control someone each night. You will learn the role of the person you control. You can command the person you’re controlling to attack a victim.

All Arsonist Faction Roles in Town of Salem 2

It’s just you. The Arsonist. Your goal is simple. Kill everyone.

ArsonistNeutral KillingYou may Douse someone in gasoline or ignite Doused targets at night. Anyone who visits you gets Doused.

All Apocalypse Faction Roles in Town of Salem 2

And I looked and beheld a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword, and with hunger, and with death and with the beasts of the earth.

BakerNeutral ApocalypseGive bread to three people in town to start the Famine.   Choose a player to give bread to every night. When you have given three loaves of bread, you’ll transform into Famine.
BerserkerNeutral ApocalypseWith 0 kills, you may attack one person on full moon nights. With 1 kill, you may choose to attack one person each night. With 2 kills, you may rampage at your target’s house, passively attacking any visitors. With 3 kills, you turn into War.
PlaguebearerNeutral ApocalypseYou can choose to infect a player with Plague each night. Once you’ve spread the Plague to everyone in town, you transform into Pestilence.   Once you’ve infected one player, anyone that player visits will become infected.  
Soul CollectorNeutral ApocalypseCollect the souls of 6 players to turn into Death.   Choose a player at night at night to try to collect their soul. If the player you’re watching that night dies, you get to keep their soul.
FamineNeutral ApocalypseWhen visiting a player at night, you speed up their starvation.
WarNeutral ApocalypseYou can inflict unstoppable attacks, can target 2 players each night, and have invincible defense.
PestilenceNeutral ApocalypseYou may choose to spread pestilence to one player each night.
DeathNeutral ApocalypseBring forth the Apocalypse when the set sets, killing all non-Apocalypse members.

For more information about the newest updates, check out the Town of Salem 2 January 16 patch notes.

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