All Topaz Ascension and Trace Materials in Honkai: Star Rail

Two characters for the price of one!

Topaz Ascension Materials Featured

Sparking in both story quests and events during her debut in the 1.4 version, Topaz is arriving as a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail alongside her loyal trotter Numby. Both are blazing additions to the ever-expanding cast, but you need to have the right materials (and resources) before she can come in with the stonks in your team.

Here are all Topaz Ascension and Trace Materials in Honkai: Star Rail.

All Required Materials for Topaz in Honkai: Star Rail

Topaz is the first Fire Hunt character and is also the first character in said path to follow a more “supportive” role with her Proof of Debt debuff which enhances follow-up attacks. This doesn’t mean her damage is negligible by any means as this girl (and her pig) pack a good punch once they’re properly leveled.

Ascension Materials

  • x65 Searing Steel Blade
  • x5 Silvermane Badge
  • x15 Silvermane Insignia
  • x15 Silvermane Medal
  • x828,000 Credits
  • x260 Traveler’s Guide

Her main ascension item is the Searing Steel Blade obtained from the Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Scorge boss located in the Great Mine in Jarilo-VI. You need to beat this enemy at least 13 times to get enough materials to fully ascend Topaz assuming you’re at Trailblaze Level 60. Lower levels will require more runs.

As for the Silvermane Badges and their evolutions, regular Guard enemies in Belebog will yield them to you as you defeat them. You might randomly get them from Simulated Universe runs if you happen to stumble on the guards as enemies, but Assignments are the most reliable way to get a ton of those at once.

Trace Materials

  • x18 Arrow of the Beast Hunter
  • x69 Arrow of the Demon Slayer
  • x139 Arrow of the Starchaser
  • x41 Silvermane Badge
  • x56 Silvermane Insignia
  • x58 Silvermane Medal
  • x12 Regret of Infinite Ochema
  • x8 Tracks of Destiny
  • x3,000,000 Credits

Fully leveling all of her talents might not be needed, but this is the total amount of items you’ll get for her if you choose to go this route. The most excruciating part is to farm all those Arrows, which will end up eating a lot of your playtime and Trailblaze Power alike. Silvermane items should be farmed as previously mentioned.

And make sure to visit the Phantylia Echoes of War Weekly Boss as Topaz requires some of her Regret of Infinite Ochema for the last few levels in her talents. This enemy is particularly weak to Wind, Imaginary, and Lightning, so some of the other recent banner characters like Blade or Dan Heng IL will do wonders here.

Remember that you’ll also need a lot of extra Credits here and there, so you might need to stop that constant farming eventually to get some extra cash. As rich as Topaz can be, she still demands your money to properly function as a character.

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