In the Final Fantasy VII remake, Chapter 14 features the debut of the "Secret Medicine" side quest, available from a nameless doctor next to the Sector 5 school. This side quest is one of the more challenging tasks you'll face in Chapter 14, but we're here to walk you through it.

It doesn't help that the doctor doesn't really seem to understand what it is that he's asking you to do. He needs Medicinal flowers, a Moogle's Mortar, and... a Behemoth horn. One of these things is not like the others.

All Secret Medicine Locations In Final Fantasy VII Remake

Let's start off with the two easier jobs. To find the Medicinal flowers, head back to the church in the Sector 5 slums. Here, you should find a lone flower growing out of some broken floorboards, next to Kyrie. Easy enough. Pick it to get the Medicinal flowers.

The Moogle's Mortar is sold by Moggie the not-Moogle in the kids' hideout, in exchange for one Moogle Medal. You should have Medals to burn by this point, so that's also cake. If you don't, go do other side quests and break crates until you've got a spare Medal for this.

Then there's hunting down a Behemoth, which is traditionally one of the more difficult monsters in Final Fantasy. That's... somewhat harder, particularly since you have to pick up another, seemingly unrelated side quest in order to do it. Get ready for an optional boss fight.

Fighting the Behemoth Type 0

You'll need to pick up "Subterranean Menace" from Wymer at Evergreen Park before you can find a Behemoth to hunt. That side quest, in turn, takes you back to the underground lab, where you can run it again in reverse to fight some tough but manageable enemies. At its end, you can find and confront the Behemoth Type 0 mini-boss. Make sure you're healed up and have allocated all your skill points before you enter its arena.

At the start of the fight, the Behemoth is huge, mobile, and fast, with horn attacks that hit like a truck, quick claw swipes, and a ground slam that can stagger your characters. Worse, any spell you throw at it will trigger a counterattack, so trying to burn it down with magic will immediately backfire.

The trick is to take it out one body part at a time. Barret is particularly good at this, as he can keep his distance and pelt the Behemoth with his arsenal of ranged attacks. If you focus your fire on either the Behemoth's Upper or Lower Body, you'll eventually cripple it, which dramatically limits the Behemoth's mobility. This doesn't mean it'll stop attacking, but it does make it a lot less dangerous.

If you walked in here with a magic-heavy party, somehow, you can also focus down the Behemoth's horns to remove the threat of its magical counterattacks.

Stay at range, keep focusing its Upper and Lower Body, and once both are crippled, lower the boom while the Behemoth is staggered. It's a tough fight, but with the right tactics, you should be able to get through it.

Once you've beaten the Behemoth, take its horn, the flower, and the Moogle's Mortar back to the doctor in Sector 5. You'll be rewarded with Teluric Scriptures Vol. III, which grants Aerith some skill points. You also receive a new weapon for Barret, the Wrecking Ball, for completing "Subterranean Menace."

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