All Possible Uses for Noblestalk in Baldur’s Gate 3

Would you eat a random plant off the ground?

There are a lot of mushrooms in the Underdark. But when it comes to lore, one reigns supreme. The royal Noblestalk. And, wouldn’t you know it, it has quite a few unique interactions. Here are all the unique interactions with the Noblestalk in Baldur’s Gate 3.

All Uses for Noblestalk in Baldur’s Gate 3

While many of the mushrooms in the Underdark have some very negative effects on you and your companions, there are some that are quite useful. The Noblestalk, in particular, offers the unique ability to return lost memories.

How to Find Noblestalk in Baldur’s Gate 3

There is only one wild Noblestalk in the game. It’s located near Baelen in the Underdark, on the Northwest wall of the Bibberbang cave.  

Accidentally detonating the Bibberbang will destroy the mushroom. The best way to get the Noblestalk, then, is to use a spell like Mage Hand, Dimensional Door, or Misty Step to get to it. Others have had success using the rock ledges to the left to hop closer and closer, before finally grabbing the stalk.

All Uses for the Noblestalk in Baldur’s Gate 3

Depending on your playthrough, you might have encountered three amnesiacs you can use the Noblestalk on.

If you just eat the Noblestalk, it will heal you for some health. It’s also good for curing all ailments. But certain characters get unique interactions.

  • Derryth, located in the Myconoid Colony
  • Shadowheart, who lost her memories because of Sharr
  • The Dark Urge Tav
  • Baelen, Derryth’s husband, after being rescued from the Bibberbang.

Who Should You Give the Noblestalk To in Baldur’s Gate 3? – Answered

From a practical standpoint, the answer is clear. By giving Derryth Bonecloak the Noblestalk, you’ll ensure that she’s able to open her shop in Lower City in Act 3.

She’ll also be selling three more Noblestalk in that shop. This means you’ll have enough to give each of the three amnesiacs a taste if you so choose. The only downside is that many of the plot points these returned memories reveal may come too late to have any real impact or mystique. So, if you do give it to Derryth, be sure to head to her shop in Lower City as quickly as possible.

For players not playing Dark Urge, giving the Noblestalk to Shadowheart is the next best option.

Some people have struggled to get Shadowheart to eat the mushroom. To get this prompt to appear, you’ll need to progress through her conversation path until she’s revealed all of her significant secrets. Her allegiance to Shar, the fact that her memories have been removed, and her own confusion surrounding the Mysterious Sharran Wound. Once you’ve done that, talk to her normally with the Nobelstalk in your inventory. You’ll need to pass a 12 saving throw with either persuasion or intimidation.

If you give the Noblestalk to Shadowheart, do so before you go to the House of Grief in Lower City, as this will give Shadowheart some unique dialogue and reveal her memories of a boy she once knew. However, you’ll have to pass a persuasion or intimidation saving throw to make her get over her aversion of mushrooms.

Finally, Dark Urge players are urged to use it on themselves. You likely won’t be surprised by what memories return, but it certainly paints a visceral picture. And that’s half the fun of playing Dark Urge.

Finally, there’s Baelen. Giving it to Baelen is more of a long-term investment. He’ll revert back to his horrible ways, but you’ll find Derryth in Lower City… alone. She’s finally gained the courage to leave him. This option will also let you tell the Lower City cat, Myshka, that Derryth is his mother. He’ll then go live with her. Which is a nice ending for both of them.

In-Game Exploit to Use Noblestalk Multiple Times in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you’re heartbroken about not being able to give the Noblestalk to the Durge or Shadowheart, there seems to be an exploit that will let you use the Noblestalk at least twice. To try it our yourself, here’s what you need to do:

  • Place the Noblestalk in a bag, pouch, or container in your inventory.
  • Speak to Derryth Bonecloak . Choose an option that isn’t “Show her the Noblestalk”.
  • Speak to Shadowheart or use the Noblestalk on yourself as Dark Urge.
  • Convince Shadowheart to eat the Noblestalk.
  • Switch to a character that isn’t in conversation.
  • Open your team’s inventory. This is tab on PC.
  • Check the container with the Noblestalk inside it, to ensure it’s still there.
  • Then move the container with the Noblestalk to a new character. One that isn’t speaking to Derryth.
  • After conversation with Shadowheart, move it back to the person to speaking to Derryth.
  • In the conversation with Derryth, select “Show her the Noblestalk.”

This should allow you to use the Noblestalk twice. It’s a little convoluted on paper, but the end goal is have two conversations going at once and, mid-way through, trick the game into thinking you’ve used the Noblestalk. Good luck and be sure to save before you try it!

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