All Overpass Callouts in CS2: Map Guide

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All CS2 Overpass map callouts
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Overpass is one of the most popular maps in CS2 and is currently available to play in both Premier and Competitive Matchmaking modes in Counter-Strike 2. If you are new to Overpass, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll tell you everything you need to know about callouts in the map. Callouts are crucial to pass information about enemy and C4 whereabouts and to receive information from teammates. Everyone knows that good coordination and communication help you win rounds.

Every Overpass Landmark in CS2 – Overpass Callouts Listed

There are several landmarks on Overpass in CS2 that you should remember by heart if you aim to improve your performance on this map, and we’ll discuss some segments below. Before we do that, here’s the image you came to this article for (bookmark this page if you need a refresher later).

Possible Attack Paths for Ts on Overpass in CS2

Ts can attack (in clockwise order) via the following routes:

  • Long (possible detour to toilets)
  • Mid (possible detour to long or connector)
  • Lower Tunnel (possible detour to connector or water)
  • Back Alley (possible detour to the connector through water)

The map is compact, and rotation capabilities are big if the original threat comes through Fountain or Playground. This is why it’s important to hold Toilets, Mid, and Connector when you are playing CT side, as it’s a big vector for an attack. CTs also have a pretty decent way of rotating between A and B sites, so it’s probably a good idea to communicate your attack ideas before the round starts because even a bad plan that all five players adhere to is better than complete chaos on this map and everyone running their own story.

Ideal Defense Setup for CTs on Overpass in CS2

There is no ideal defense setup for anything. You simply cannot play the entire half in the same manner, because the enemy will figure your defenses out and start poking around your weak spots. However, these spots should be covered at all times anyway, but try to find different angles to guard them from:

  1. Long (can easily drop to Heaven or Connector to help B)
  2. Toilets (can rotate anywhere)
  3. Connector (probably the hardest and most responsible position to be present in)
  4. Monster (can help A by pushing through the connector or going back through the walkway)
  5. Short / Water (can help A by pushing through the connector or going back through the walkway)

You must communicate the enemy’s whereabouts so that rotation may be initiated. Logically, if a rush of multiple Ts with a bomb is detected (by spotting the bomb on your radar), everyone should rotate. Make sure to use your utility to delay or completely deter the attacks of Ts.

If you’ve found this article useful, share it with your friends to get on the same page when it comes to map lingo and make communication easier. If you are new to CS2, check out 8 Tips for new CS2 players coming from CSGO.

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