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All New Reality Augments in Fortnite Spring Breakout Listed

New perks have arrived in a basket.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Spring Breakout Fortnite

Since Chapter 4 started in Fortnite, Reality Augments have served as randomized perks that allow players to get the upper hand with some special bonuses. In the latest V24.10 update, we received the Spring Breakout event for Easter and some new Augments to go along.

One of the perks in the update will be Spring Breakout specific while the others added into the pool will likely remain in the game for some time after the event ends. To help you keep up to date with the new Reality Augments, we’ll cover all of the new additions in Fortnite.

Fortnite V24.10 – All New Reality Augments in the Spring Breakout

With the latest update, there are five different perks that can appear during any given match. Like always, you’ll need to randomly unlock them before they start regularly appearing in the perk pool. So far the list looks solid and most of the additions offer up some support changes. Below you can find all the Augments.

Fortnite V24.10 Reality Augments Listed:

  • Springtime Blowout – Receive an Egg Launcher available during the event.
  • Rail Warrior – Regenerate Health and partial Shield while on grind rails or ziplines, except while in the storm.
  • Go For Broke – Grants a Charge Shotgun and Flintknock Pistol.
  • Aquatic Warrior – Move faster and regenerate Health and partial Shield while swimming, except while in the storm.
  • Game Time – Grants the Pizza Party and some Chug Splashes.

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Most of these Augments are straightforward, but you may not be familiar with the Pizza Party. If you happen to get this perk, you’re given a box that can be thrown down for use. The box contains eight slices of pizza that you can eat to regain some Health or Shields and can be destroyed after so other players in Fortnite don’t use it.

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