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All New Rank Commendation Requirements in Destiny 2 Listed

Now you only need to convince 100 people to give you a card

by Daphne Fama

If you’ve played any sort of matchmaking activity in Destiny 2, you’ve likely been prompted to commend your teammates. This new system, which took root during the Lightfall expansion, has been met with mixed feelings. But as of March 30, 2023, there will be some minor changes. Here are all the new Rank Commendation requirements in Destiny 2, listed.

All New Rank Commendation Requirements in Destiny 2 Listed

Prior to Lightfall, Destiny 2 levels were represented by how far you made it in the Season Pass. That level system has since been reworked, with levels now being represented by your experience in the game.

For most players, that level is level 6. But to get to level 7, there’s one thing you’re going to need, and that’s Commendations. Commendations are received from other guardians participating in the same matchmaking activity as you. There’s no guarantee you’ll get a commendation from everyone, but previously you’d need hundreds of commendations to go from level 6 to level 7. Fortunately, Bungie has now announced that the number of Commendations needed will be decreased.

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Here are the Commendation changes:

  • Level 6 to Level 7 – 200 Commendations needed, was 460
  • Level 7 to Level 8 – 477 Commendations needed, was 790
  • Level 8 to Level 9 – 910 Commendations needed, was 1290

This change has been met with relief from many guardians, who noted that the Commendation requirement focused more on Guardians caring enough to Commend and not skill. Additionally, getting enough Commendations required a huge time commitment, especially at higher levels.

This change to the commendation system isn’t the only thing that’s been tweaked in Destiny 2. The powerful enemies found across Neomuna have been adjusted, as have enemy health bars in Legend- and Master-tier Nightfalls, Battlegrounds, Lost Sectors, Offensives, Hunts, and Legend- and Master-tier campaigns.

For more information on what else has changed in Destiny 2, check out the latest Hotfix here: Destiny 2 Hotfix Patch Notes Listed.

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