All Minecraft Potion Recipes and Brewing Guide – How to Brew All Minecraft Potions

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Potions are one of the most useful items you can use in Minecraft. To that end, here’s how to brew all potions in Minecraft.

Complete Minecraft Brewing Guide: All Minecraft Potion Recipes and How to Brew Them

If you’ve ever wanted to take a swim in lava or completely vanish from view, there’s a potion for you. And these potions can prove to be exceptionally useful when you’re fighting off mobs or exploring the Nether. But making them can be more difficult than you might expect.

How to Brew Potions in Minecraft

When it comes to potions, there are three possible types. There’s the Awkward Potion, the Splash Potion, and the Lingering Potions. Awkward Potions are the foundational building block for all potions, while Splash and Lingering Potions are umbrellas that the potions will fall into. So, let’s dive right in.

To make an Awkward Potion, you’ll need a Glass Bottle. Glass Bottles can be found by crafting three blocks of sand, which can be found at beaches or in deserts, and turning it into a glass bottle. Or you might be able to find one by fishing. Finding sand is much easier, though.

Once you have a Glass Bottle, fill it with water. This will turn it into a Water Bottle.

Next, you’ll need a Nether Wart, which you can get by visiting the Nether and locating a Nether Fortress. Brew the Nether Wart and Water Bottle together to create an Awkward Potion.

How to Make Splash Potions in Minecraft

Now, you’ll have to decide what type of potion you want to make. There are Splash Potions, which are essentially potions that apply a status effect to you or whoever you use it on directly. These potions can be crafted by going to a Brewing Stand, adding the ingredients listed in the chart, and adding gunpowder.

How to Make Lingering Potions

Lingering Potions are potions that are used on an area to create a lingering effect. A Lingering Potion can be made by going to a Brewing Stand and turning a Splash Potion into a Lingering Potion. To do this, you’ll need Dragon’s Breath.

All Potion Recipes in Minecraft

Awkward PotionNone, used to make other potionsNether Wart
Water Bottle
Potion of Fire ResistanceGives the user immunity to all heat-related damage. Nether Wart
Magma Cream
Potion of HarmingCreates an instant damaging effect.Nether Wart
Spider Eye
Fermented Spider Eye
Potion of HealingInstantly heals the user.Nether Wart / Glistening Melon Slice
Glistening Melon
Potion of InvisibilityCauses the user to vanish from view. Enemies will only be able to detect the user if they’re in close proximity. Nether Wart
Golden Carrot
Fermented Spider Eye
Potion of LeapingAllows the player to jump a certain amount of blocks higher and reduces fall damage. Nether Wart
Rabbit’s Foot
Potion of Night VisionBrightens surroundings to a light level of 15, including water and lava. Nether Wart
Golden Carrot
Potion of PoisonCauses the user to take damage over time. Nether Wart
Spider Eye
Potion of RegenerationRestores health over time. Nether Wart
Ghast Tear
Potion of Slow FallingThe user falls at a much slower rate, and damage upon hitting the ground is reduced to zero. Nether Wart / Awkward Potion
Phantom Membrane
Potion of SlownessCauses the user to slow down by a certain percentage while sprinting. Nether Wart
Fermented Spider Eye
Potion of StrengthIncreases melee damage.Nether Wart
Blaze Powder
Potion of SwiftnessIncreases speed, jump distance, and field of view. Nether Wart
Potion of the Turtle MasterCauses the user to slow significantly but reduces the damage they take by the same percent. Nether Wart
Turtle Shell
Potion of Water BreathingAllows the player to swim without drowning or needing to surface for air. Your oxygen bar won’t decrease while you’re underwater. Nether Wart
Potion of WeaknessReduces the user’s melee damage by a certain amount. Fermented Spider Eye

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