All Inferno Callouts in CS2: Map Guide

It's dangerous to go through the Inferno alone. Take this!

All Inferno Callouts in Counter Strike 2 CS2
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Inferno is one of the three most popular maps in Counter-Strike historically, and you will find yourself playing it during many Premier matches. If you are new to CS2, knowing all callouts on Inferno is pretty much mandatory, and that’s why I am bringing you a complete map of Inferno with callouts drawn for easy understanding of the map. This will certainly help you effectively give and receive information about the enemy movement.

Every Inferno Landmark in CS2 – Inferno Callouts Listed

Inferno has received too many changes throughout Counter-Strike’s history, so some callouts make zero sense if you are new to CS2. Let’s go through these few things:

  • Coffins had legitimate burial coffins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • The tree is no longer there.
  • Barrels/Car had a car in Counter-Strike: Source.
  • Dark was dark, and now it has lights.
  • The well no longer exists; there’s a green van there now.
  • The library no longer exists; there’s a vine shop there now.

General Starter Tips for Inferno in CS2

  • There will be all sorts of grenades on Banana at the start of the round from both sides.
  • Sniper encounters will happen between Lower Mid and Top Mid. Rushing Boiler as CT may result in you getting hit or killed.
  • Defending A Apps and Boiler is difficult, given that bullets can go through most walls and that grenades can be thrown your way, so you should step back a bit for your safety.
  • Learn the Smokes for Inferno.
  • Key entry points for Ts are Banana for B site and Top Mid, Boiler, and A Apps for A. This is why, in most cases, there will be three CTs on A and two CTs on B. Ideally, one CT should be around Long at all times because it’s a “central” position from which you can rotate to Library if A Apps push is happening, or to B in case that Banana rush is reported.

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