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All Impossible Mode Rewards in Dead Space Remake

You only live once!

There are difficulty settings that test the skills of players in nearly every game, and then there are settings that push the game to the limit. Impossible Difficulty in the Dead Space Remake is one of those settings that push players to a completely different level, and of course, there are rewards for those who complete the challenge.

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Years ago, it was common for single player games to reward players with special items for completing a game on the hardest difficulty. After all, the player put in a ton of time and effort to get there. The Dead Space Remake brings us back to that point in time and we’re here to outline all the rewards you can expect if you plan to make it through the Impossible Difficulty without dying.

Dead Space Remake – All Impossible Mode Rewards

Upon completion of the Impossible Mode, which was known as Hardcore in the original game and provides just one life, players will be given two items for Isaac Clarke. One is a brand-new weapon with a comical spin and the other is a new suit that can be taken into New Game+ and beyond, just like the weapon. Below you can find the rewards listed.

  • Hand Cannon (Red Foam Finger)
  • Burnished Suit
  • Untouchable Trophy or Achievement

The Hand Cannon is the most unique of the rewards due to its appearance. If you’ve ever seen one of those colorful foam fingers at any live sporting event, then you’ve seen the Hand Cannon that Isaac Clarke can finally wield. Along with the foam finger, the Burnished Suit will give Isaac the polished look he’s always needed with the design of the level 3 suit. These are the two main rewards for finishing the Impossible Difficulty in the Dead Space Remake.

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That third reward listed above, the Untouchable Trophy/Achievement, is important because players who want the Platinum or the 100% will need to earn this. For those players, the rewards are null and void, but it’s still nice to have some new items that only a fraction of the player base has earned.

And that’s all! For more guides, news, and updates on the Dead Space Remake, head over to the dedicated section on our site.

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