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All Human Locations in Darksiders 3

by Larryn Bell

Earth became a pretty uninhabitable place after the apocalypse in Darksiders 3, but there are some human survivors that made it through the onslaught and desperately need rescuing. We’ll explain where to find all 20 humans in Darksiders 3 so that you can send them to safety and earn a few trophies in the process.

Ulthane gives Fury a trinket that will allow her to rescue any stray humans she comes across in her trek to find each of the Seven Deadly Sins in Darksiders 3. Human survivors are typically found hiding in blocked off areas or behind debris. Some humans can be found easily, while others will require the use of certain Hollow Forms in order to access their locations. We suggest obtaining every Hollow Form first before backtracking to find each human location in Darksiders 3.

Darksiders 3 Human Locations

We have organized each human location by the region in which they are found in Darksiders 3. Keep in mind, however, that you won’t be able to access certain humans until you have obtained the appropriate Hollow Form.


Human #1

At the elevator entrance to the Crossroads, run straight ahead to a broken down bus. Drop down a glowing hole underneath the center of the bus to discover your first human.

Human #2

There is another human in the Crossroads behind the purple encrusted barrier off to the side. When exiting the elevator from Maker’s Forge, go forward and slightly to the left where a Suffering beast hangs on the wall. You’ll need to use the Force Hollow hammer to break the barrier and find the human.

Human #3

In Maker’s Forge, go up the wooden walkway and continue along the path that crosses over Ulthane’s forge. Swing across the game and use the Flame Hollow to burn through the webs to reveal a passage. Continue up the office floors. Look for a blockade in the corner beside a large hole in the floor to find a human cowering behind the barrier.

Human #4

You will need to have at least the Flame Hollow and the Storm Hollow to find this human. From the Maker’s Forge Serpent Hole, go down the path and swing across to the adjacent building. Equip the Storm Hollow and float across to the next office building and continue to the open area where you’ll see a series of wind vortexes. While in the Storm Hollow form, float across the wind vortexes to reach the next office building. Swing or climb to the opposite platform and break the debris to find another human.

Alternatively, you can get to this human by starting at the office building where a large Suffering and a magical enemy waits in a room. Continue along the path until you reach a small gap between your building and the next. You should see the human sitting in the adjacent building. Use the Flame Hollow to jump across and save the human.

Human #5

From the North End Serpent Hole in Haven, run straight ahead toward where several enemies are having a barbeque. There’s a human behind the encrusted purple debris on the right. Use the Force Hollow to clear the debris and save the human. If you don’t have the Force Hollow, enter the hole in the building on the left. Feed the purple Bomb Bug and toss it at the debris to clear it instead.

Human #6

Just ahead of where you found Human #5, there is a large ditch at the end of the road. Drop down into the ditch and locate a tunnel passage on the right. Crawl through the tunnel to find another human in a small room.


Human #7

From the Splintered Station Serpent Hole, run around the corner to the right and continue down the path. Go past the red goop and keep to the right, where a red-eyed enemy lies in wait. Defeat the enemy, then crawl into the tunnel to the right to find a human and send them back to Haven.

Human #8

Once you have located the Cistern Serpent Hole within the sewer system of the Nether, face Vulgrim and go up the stairs to the right. There is a human sitting at the top of the dead end.

Human #9

Continue through the railway tunnels of the Nether to reach the Tangled Grotto, which leads to Sloth’s location. From Vulgrim’s location, enter the Tangled Grotto and go straight ahead. Go left and make a sharp U-turn. On the left is a broken train car that creates a ramp going up into a hidden passage. Crawl through the tunnel to find the frightened human.

Human #10

To find the other two humans in Tangled Grotto, you will need to have acquired the Force Hollow ability. Start at the Tangled Grotto Serpent Hole once again, but this time go to the right. Go straight up the staircase, then equip the Force Hollow to break through the purple debris at the top. In the next room, jump up to the ledge on the right and continue through the tunnel.

In the next area, you’ll come to a fork in the path. Take the path on the right, and continue until you reach a chamber with two holes in the floor. Don’t drop down the one leading to the train station. Instead, drop down the hole beside it on the right and continue through the passage. You will find a human at the end of the path.

Human #11

Starting from the fork in the path from the previous human location, you’ll continue down the righthand path as you did before until you reach the room with the two holes in the ground. This time, you’re going to go up the path on the far right. Keep to the right, and continue all the way down until you reach a dead end with a ledge you can jump up on the right. Use the Flame Hollow to jump up and reach the high ledge where you’ll hear a human crying at the top.


Human #12

Starting at the Festering Pool Serpent Hole, make your way to the office building past the waterfall on the upper hill, where a beast jumps down from above. Enter the building through the hole on the left. Adjacent to the hole is a fence, where you can see a human waiting to be rescued. Continue through the building, making your way to the upper floor. When you reach the area with the purple Bomb Bug outside, jump over the shipping containers in the alleyway to find and rescue the human.

Human #13

This next human location is very close to the Drowned District Serpent Hole in Darksiders 3. From Vulgrim, enter the sewer pipe nearby and go through the hole to reach the water on the other side. The human is located directly above in a web-covered passage, but you’ll need to make your way around the building to get up there.

If you’ve gone through and opened the doorway on the left, jump up onto the platform leading outside toward the freeway. If you haven’t opened this doorway, you’ll first need to go through the cave and work your way through the building to open that door.

Go up the metal staircase outside the building to reach the next floor up. Switch to your Flame Hollow and swing across the pipe, heading diagonally to the right to reach the web-covered doorway. Just as you fall near the door, do a double-jump to ignite the webs and open the passage where a human is hiding down the hall.

Human #14

Once you have completed the highway area of the Bonelands, start from the Mangled Freeway Serpent Hole and crawl into the square air duct near Vulgrim. Continue through to find a human beside the office desk.

Human #15

To find the last human within the Bonelands, return to the boss arena where you fought Lust by way of the Cargo Hold Serpent Hole. Roll up the crystal path on the left using the Force Hollow form. Continue through the building ahead and make your way to the poisonous green water just past the broken bit of street. Switch to the Storm Hollow and float across the wind vortexes to cross to the opposite side of the water.

You’ll have to navigate through the building ahead to push down the Mansk that sits atop the high ledge. Once you’ve got the Mansk to the ground level, hit it so it moves over to the left side of the building. Use it to climb onto the rooftop. Take a right down the metal walkway inside the building to find the human.


Human #16

Once you’ve made your way to the Depths, travel to the Forgotten Lake Serpent Hollow. Swim across the large water-filled cavern ahead to reach the doorway with the three crystals on the far side. Enter the room and go to the right. Drop down into the hole of water and swim through the passage. Climb up the blocks to the left that you should have pushed into place earlier to reach the ledge above. When you reach the encrusted purple doorway, go left and double jump up to the upper ledge. Double jump once more and climb over the wall above to find the human.

Human #17

Starting from the Sunken Tracks Serpent Hole, swap to the Stasis Hollow form and wall jump up the section on the right. At the top, switch to your Force Hollow. Swing across the pipe, then quickly stick to the crystalized ceiling using the Force Hollow. Follow the crystal path to the end and drop down to find a human in a small alcove.

Human #18

Fast Travel to the Sewage Egress Serpent Hole and wall jump your way up the elevator shaft ahead using the Stasis Hollow. There is a human cowering in a small room nearby once you reach the top.


Human #19

The last two humans are located in the Scar region of Darksiders 3. The first can be found by traveling to the Drilling Annex Serpent Hole. Go around to the right to reach the open area and locate a Stasis Hollow path that goes up a wall. At the top, go across the small footbridge and continue up the next Stasis wall to reach a room filled with sand. Run along the sand to the right and rescue the human sitting behind the barricade.

Human #20

To reach the final human, start at the Drilling Annex once more and jump up to swing across the pipe to the sand path outside.  Enter the doorway at the end of the path, then use the Flame Hollow to double jump and reach the upper ledge ahead. Switch to the Stasis Hollow and wall jump up to another ledge to reach the moving conveyor belt with rusted plates.

Hop onto the rusted conveyor belt and ride it all the way to the end. Drop down onto the wooden walkway and locate a large set of metal grinders. Freeze them with your Stasis Hollow and Salvation, then drop down between the cracks to the space underneath. Continue through the doorways lined with the red demonic spikes to find the last human in Darksiders 3.

Once you have saved all 20 humans in Darksiders 3, you will unlock the Humanitarian trophy achievement. For every five humans you find, Ulthane will upgrade your Rider’s Mercy Relic as well. Special thanks to Gaming with Abyss for some of the steps in this guide. Be sure to check out our other Darksiders 3 guides for more gameplay tips.

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