All Hand Crossbow Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Why wield one crossbow when you can wield two?

Photo of Illithid in Baldur's Gate 3.

If you’re a fan of long-ranged weapons, you’ve likely contemplated a hand crossbow build. But, unfortunately, there are a very limited number of these weapons in the game. Here’s how to find each one.

All Act 1 Hand Crossbow Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

Act 1 is much broader than some people may realize. This Act extends from the beach where you land all the way to the Grymforge in the Underdark.

  • Hand Crossbow

You can get a standard Hand Crossbow in several places.

When you first stumble across the Emerald Grove, a fight between goblins and the Grove will quickly break out. If one of the Grove Dwellers called Barth dies, you can try to surreptitiously loot his corpse to find this weapon. But don’t do this while people are watching.

Alternatively, if you opt to raid the grove, you can kill Barth and take it from him. Barth can be located on the left side of the Emerald Grove, near Dammon.

Roah Moonglow sells it in the Goblin Camp / Shattered Sanctum. She’ll be inside the Shattered Sanctum to the left, immediately opposite the prisoner being tortured. She’ll sell the Crossbow for 50 Gold. She’ll run off if you attack the Goblin Leaders (assuming you don’t kill her), and you’ll be able to encounter her again in Act 2.

The next Hand Crossbow can be found on a Dead Caravan Agent near the cave where the last two survivors are holed up. You’ll find their corpse in a puddle of blood, but you’ll to defeat Gnolls to loot their body and claim your prize.

The final standard Hand Crossbow can be found on a Shattered Duegar in the Decrepit Village in the Under Dark. You can find it at the coordinates X: 11, Y: -200. It’s between the bonfire and the boat.

  • Hand Crossbow +1

The Hand Crossbow +1 can be found on two merchants, but it falls to random chance.

The first option is to purchase it from Dammon in the Emerald Grove. Dammon can be found on the far-left side of the Grove, where there’s a chance, he’ll be selling it for 85 Gold.

The second option is to buy it from Roah Moonglowin the Shattered Sanctum / Goblin Camp. She’ll sell the Crossbow for 65 Gold, which is a better deal than you’ll get at Dammon’s.

The second option is Derryth Bonecloak, who can be found in the Myconoid Colony in the Underdark.

  • Firestoker

The Firestoker can be found in the Grymforge at the coordaintes X: -575, Y: 384. It’s in the second floor room in the Grymforge, where you’ll encounter the Merregon Legionnaire. Finding this location can be quite tricky, as it requires you to go through a blocked area and traversing a long catwalk. I delve more into how to get there in the article below.

Once you find the location, you’ll find the cross bow in the Opulent Chest.

All Act 2 Hand Crossbow Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are three hand crossbows to be found in Act 2, and two of them can be found on one merchant.

  • Hand Crossbow +1 and Ne’er Misser

Both of these hand crossbows can be found as purchasable items in the rotating inventory of Roah Moonglow. Assuming she survived the Goblin Camp, she can be found on the first floor of Moonrise Towers, outside of the throne room. Whether or not you slaughtered the goblins doesn’t matter to her. She’s only here for coin.

  • The Hellfire Hand Crossbow

This is our first very rare hand crossbow and it can only be obtained by killing and looting Yugir’s corpse in the Gaunt of Shar. The Gauntlet of Shar can be found in the Shadow-Cursed town just north of Moonrise Towers.

All Act 3 Hand Crossbow Locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are two Hand Crossbows in Act 3.

  • The Hellfire Engine Crossbow

This is the easiest crossbow to miss in Act 3, so I’m putting it first. This crossbow can only be crafted in the Steel Watch Foundry. In the Security Room, you’ll find a table. This table is used to craft the crossbow. The items you’ll need are the Watcher Crossbow Blueprint found in the Security Office at X: -330, Y-157, the Targeting Module found on the table at X: -307 Y: -157 on the main floor, and the Steel Watcher Arm found at X: -280 Y: -165 on the main floor.

  • Hand Crossbow +2

The last hand crossbow on our list can be found in Lady Jannath’s Estate, on the West side of Lower City in Act 3. It’s in the strongbox on the wall on the second floor. Just go up stairs and enter the room immediately in front of you. Then turn left to find the Strongbox. You’ll need to lockpick it and pass a throw of 15.

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