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List of all Halo: Reach Data Pads and Locations

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enjoying jumping back into Halo: Reach, and you consider yourself a hardcore fan, you might be considering picking up collectibles that hash out your understanding of the lore. In this case, you’re gonna want our list of all the Halo: Reach data pads and their locations. Be warned: you’re going to have to be playing on Legendary difficulty to get some of these bad boys, so maybe take a break from grinding Season 1 to pick them up. 

List of all Halo: Reach Data Pads and Locations

As we’ve mentioned, if you’re going to want all the Halo: Reach data pads then you’re going to need to be gunning through the game on Legendary difficulty. This is because some of the pads are only available on that difficulty. We’ve listed out the Data Pads below in numerical order and marked which ones have to be obtained on Legendary, along with some general tips on their locations within missions::

  • Data Pad 1 (Legendary) – Winter Contingency – When you’re disembarking at the mission’s start, keep an eye out for an elite that’s going to cross your line of site. Shoot at it and it’ll be interrupted, giving you a chance to take it down.
  • Data Pad 2 – Winter Contingency – By Rally Point: Alpha, you’ll be prompted to drive. Make sure that you’re coasting northwest, over a bridge, then head to a cluster of buildings to find this pad.
  • Data Pad 3 (Legendary) – ONI: Sword Base – You’ll hit a segment where you have to take out enemy air support and will be dumped in a village. Get to the roof 
  • Data Pad 4 – ONI: Sword Base – When you’ve taken the elevator upstairs and touched base with reinforcements, head straight ahead and into a sideroom with a ramp. Keep heading up the series of bridges and you’ll find the data pad in the shadow of some stairs.
  • Data Pad 5 – Nightfall – Keep right once you load in and you’ll happen upon a hidden trail. Go partway up it to find the data pad. 
  • Data Pad 6 (Legendary) – Nightfall – When you’re gunning through the structures with engaged reinforcements, make sure that you’re keeping to the right and it will open up onto a waterlogged area. Vault any obstacles and then look for some oddly arranged stones that make up a jumping platform – follow them to their conclusion for this pad.
  • Data Pad 7 – Tip of the Spear – Kicking off from the first rally point, dispatch the horde of enemies clustered around a set of buildings and head to the west side. Take a leap of faith through the damaged ceiling. 
  • Data Pad 8 (Legendary) – Tip of the Spear – Once you’ve found Data Pad 7, clear the structure and keep killing enemies until the canyon widens to reveal an overpass. The pillars framing it are a jump puzzle that has the data pad at the end. 
  • Data Pad 9 – Long Night of Solace – Once you’ve cleared the beach segment, you’ll be faced with exploring a structure with a table that’s lit up. Peer left and you’ll find a separate room with this pad. 
  • Data Pad 10 (Legendary) – Long Night of Solace – After picking up the data pad, keep following the directions of the level until you hit the hangar. You’ll see some stairs going up on the right side, so head over there and then leap onto the suspended platform. Look up to see the rest of the jumping puzzle, and the end of it will have the data pad. 
  • Data Pad 11 – Exodus – After the jetpack segment, you’ll be airdropped into a real messy situation. You’ll slaughter your way through, then keep your eyes turned upwards to find the data pad on top of the catwalk. 
  • Data Pad 12 (Legendary) – Exodus – Once you’ve kicked through the building with the lit table, there’s gonna be a stretch of ground between it and the next structure in the distance. Hang right here jetpack yourself to a bunch of beams that signal a jump puzzle. You’ll see the pad at the top.
  • Data Pad 13 – New Alexandria – Hop into the vehicle and hook left. You’ll find two buildings lined up, a taller and a shorter one with a triangle for a roof. Look on the other 
  • Data Pad 14 (Legendary) – New Alexandria – Do a 180 turn once you’re mid-air and backtrack a little bit. Fly past the helipad and coast downwards to notice the data pad on a nearby ledge which protrudes. 
  • Data Pad 15 – The Package – The more damaged the building, the closer you’re getting to your goal. Before activating the door to progress the level, scan the area for the pad. 
  • Data Pad 16 (Legendary) – The Package – Once you’re in the lab, you’ll be able to nab yourself a jetpack from the supply stash. Put one on and bypass the turrets that you’ll be using to defend the area; the goal is to land on the rocks nearby and to use the jetpack to keep going from ledge to ledge til you find the data pad.
  • Data Pad 17 (Legendary) – The Pillar of Autumn – You’ll see enemies downhill clustered around some old structures. Pass through the building and go up the stairs to some parapets. Follow them as they wrap around and then clear the gap in the construction.
  • Data Pad 18 – The Pillar of Autumn – After you’ve cleared the shipyard, keep your eye on the right side of the hallway. You’ll be able to break a window and vault it to find an office with this pad.
  • Data Pad 19 (Legendary) – Lone Wolf – Head down the hill and past the buildings that are in view. You’ll have to scale a ramp before heading left and taking a leap of faith onto a pipe. Head deeper inside for this data pad.

Now that you’ve got our list of all the Halo: Reach Data Pads and locations, you’ll be able to pick them all up in no time so long as you’re playing on the right difficulty. Need a hand with anything else in the game? Check out the following:tips and tricks that we’ve put together:

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