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All Free Timed Special Research Codes in Pokemon GO

How nice of them to stand there while you throw balls at their faces

by Daphne Fama

2023 has been the year of the Elemental Titans. Each of the Regi siblings has challenged us to defeat it in 5-Star Raids during the past two months. However, it is very possible that you have missed your chance to go toe-to-toe with these titans or simply lacked the Raiding buddies to help you. If that is the case, never fear. You have a chance of adding the Regis to your lineup without ever needing to battle them. Here are the Free Timed Special Research Codes for Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.

All Free Timed Special Research Codes in Pokemon GO

It is a big week in Pokemon GO! Tonight, February 18, 2023, the Hoenn – Las Vegas tour kicks off. Do not worry if you were not able to nab one of those sold-out tickets or a plane to Sin City. You can celebrate by catching Regirock, Registeel, and Regice. And, yes, there is a possibility to encounter them in their Shiny form!

In order to take advantage of the Limited Free Timed Special Research Codes, you will need to head over to Niantic Rewards Lab, the input the following codes.

  • Legend #377, Regirock → 6X4H9UCA8F7TT
  • Legend #378, Regice → YKG5ZPC4SLXAX
  • Legend #379, Registeel → 6AKRAV5WJN5FS

Once you input these codes into Ninatic Labs Rewards, you will need to complete a Special Research Task. You will have eight days to complete the task, and fortunately, it is fairly easy to do. You will just need to complete three of your currently existing Field Research tasks and perform an excellent throw.

Do that, then turn in the Special Research to get your reward!

Completing Regirock’s task will net you a Golden Razz Berry and an encounter with Regirock. Complete Regice’s task and you will get the same reward, but you will have a chance to catch Regice.

Personally, I am thrilled to have another chance to catch a Shiny Titan Pokemon! Good luck, trainer.

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