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All Forbidden Dance Locations in Fortnite (Season 7)

by Larryn Bell

For the first week of challenges for Season 7, players are encouraged to break the rules by dancing at multiple forbidden dance locations in Fortnite. These dance-free zones are designated by a “No Dancing” sign. Follow this guide to find each forbidden dance location in Fortnite and earn Battle Stars for this challenge.

All Forbidden Dance Locations (Season 7)

The challenge requires players to dance in several different forbidden locations in Fortnite Battle Royale. You may remember this challenge from way back in Season 3. The map has changed quite a bit since then, so we’ll show you where to go to find the forbidden dance zones for Season 7. Simply dance in front of each forbidden dance sign to make progress in the challenge.

Fortnite Forbidden Dance Locations Map Season 7

Although there are multiple forbidden locations on the map, you will need to dance at seven of them to complete the challenge. Doing so will earn you five Battle Stars that go toward your Season 7 Battle Pass progress. 

Here’s where you should look for forbidden dance locations in Fortnite Battle Royale:

  • In the new iceberg region, go south of Frosty Flights to the tip of the island that points southwest to find a forbidden dancing sign.
  • Southeast of Frosty Flights, look for a small campsite on top a hill with a plane nearby to find another forbidden dance location.
  • In the northwest, find a forbidden dance sign near the big metal llama north of Junk Junction.
  • There is a forbidden dance location at the pond in Lazy Links beneath the pavilion that sits out at the end of the dock.
  • Near Dusty Divot, look for a forbidden dance sign near the ziplines to the south and by the building to the north.
  • Look for a forbidden dancing sign south of Pleasant Park atop the tall mountain with the ramps.
  • There is a forbidden dance location just behind the ice cream truck on the hill east of Risky Reels
  • Look for a sign at the back of the taco restaraunt just west of the racetrack
  • There is one more forbidden dance location on top the hill southeast of Paradise Palms, between some cacti. 

There still may be other forbidden dance sign locations in Fortnite that haven’t been discovered yet, so we will update this guide if new details emerge. Keep in mind that you only need to visit seven of these locations to complete the challenge. Be sure to check back here to learn how to complete other challenges in Fortnite so you can unlock upgrades for your Lynx and Zenith outfits!

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