All Earth Landmark Locations in Starfield

Where giants once stood

Earth as we know it is long gone. And all that remains are a few shattered, decrepit monuments. A testament to a civilization that persevered and found a foothold in the stars. But let’s not forget where we began. Here are all of Earth’s landmark locations in Starfield.

All Earth Landmark Locations in Starfield

So, Earth’s terrain is, by and large, randomly generated. You could spend a lot of time walking around and never find the monument you want. But by finding specific books and reading them, the monument locations will be added automatically to the Earth map.

To that end, here are all of Earth’s monuments and the books you’ll need to find them, followed by a longer description of the book locations below.

Abeno Harukas, OsakaDiary of Kyosuke Nagata
Apollo Moon Landing Site, MoonSir Livingstone’s Second Journal
Burj Khalifa, DubaiRace to the Heavens
International Commerce Centre, Hong KongMaurice Lyon’s journal
Shanghai Tower, ShanghaiEssentials of Modern Macroeconomics
The Empire State Building, New YorkOur Lost Heritage
The Gateway Arch, Saint LouisThe Price of Destiny
The Mars Rover, MarsMER Exploration Rover Snowglobe
The Pyramids of Giza, EgyptThe Ancient Civilization of Egypt
The Shard, LondonOliver Twist
US Bank Tower, Los AngelesHope Family Tree

The Earth Landmarks quest will be added to your Activities section at the bottom of your journal. These landmarks will then appear as destinations and landing zones on Earth, the Moon, and Mars, respectively. Be sure to click on the landmark activity to get a marker on the precise snow globe location.

Each time you find a landmark, you’ll get a snow globe and 100 experience. Here’s how to find each book.


Get the Diary of Kyosuke Nagata and Race to the Heavens early or before you star the Crimson Fleet questlines. Failing to do so may lock you out of getting their associated snow globes.

Diary of Kyosuke Nagata Location (Abeno Harukas, Osaka) in Starfield

The Diary of Kyosuke Nagata is in Delgado’s bedroom on the Key in the Kryx System.

To get the Diary of Kyosuke Nagata, you’ll need to start the Crimson Fleet faction quest and progress to the point that you have the run of the Key. Once you do, head to the very top, where you’ll find Delgado’s living quarters. You can freely access his bedroom, and the book is on the nightstand.

Do this before finding the Legacy is the Crimson Fleet faction questline.

Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal Location (Apollo Moon Landing Site)

Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal can be found in Matteo’s bedroom, in the Lodge on Jemison.

Matteo’s bedroom is on the second floor and is distinct because of the meditation mat and pink pillows on the ground nearby. The book is on the table, and interacting with it will give you the location for the Apollo Moon Landing.

Race to the Heavens Location (Burj Khalif) in Starfield

The Race to the Heavens has only been found in one confirmed place: the Siren of the Stars luxury liner.

You’ll gain access to the Siren of the Stars during the Crimson Fleet faction quest “Breaking the Bank.” During this quest, you’ll need to find Larry Dumbrosky’s room (Number 5). You must get the book during this quest, as the Siren of the Stars will leave after. So far, there’s no other known place to find this book. And yes, I’ve spent a significant amount of time refreshing the bookstore. It’s possible it will spawn in the bookstore, but the odds are extremely low, and that’s purely speculation.

Maurice Lyon’s Journal Location (International Commerce Center) in Starfield

Maurice Lyon’s Journal can be found in the New Homestead Museum on Titan.

Maurice Lyon’s Journal is an easy book to miss. Once you’ve loaded into Titan, head into New Homestead. Then, make your way to the very bottom using the stairs. You’ll find yourself at the entrance of the museum. There will be a Chunks to the right of you. Go down the stairs, past the Chunks, and turn immediately right.

Beside the stairs will be some shelves that will have Maurice Lyon’s Journal on it.

By the way, you can get the rare and ridiculous Tardigrade Spacesuit in this location!

Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics Location (Shanghai Tower) in Starfield

The Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics can be found on the ESC Constant, a ship in orbit around Porrima II in the Porrima System.

To find this book, hail the ECS Constant, then board it. Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics is in the classroom. To find the classroom, go to the second floor. Go left towards the mess hall and pass all the way through it. Once you’re through the mess hall, you’ll find an elevator labeled ‘classrooms.’  Use it, and then enter the first classroom on the left.

The book will be behind the teacher in front of the whiteboard.

Our Lost Heritage Book Location (The Empire State Building) in Starfield

Our Lost Heritage is located in the President’s office in the MAST Headquarters in Jemison.

To get to the President’s office, head to the MAST District. Use the elevator near the New Atlantis Transit or in the MAST building and go to the floor “Central Command / Office of the President / Systems Defense.”

The president’s office is to the right, and the book is in front of her. Unfortunately, you’ll need to steal it. You can do this by going behind the president and crouching, then getting close enough to the book to grab it.

The Price of Destiny Location (The Gateway Arch) in Starfield

The Price of Destiny is in Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse in Neon City on Volii.

Getting into Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse is no easy task, as you’ll need to pickpocket it from him. To do this, you’ll need at least one point in the skill “Theft” in the Social skill menu. Benjamin Bayu can be found in the VIP section of the Astral Lounge on the second floor.

Once you have his key, leave the lounge and use the elevator just outside of the club to access his apartment. This elevator only offers two locations, so if you see a bunch of businesses listed, head back up the stairs towards the Astral Lounge and use the elevator closer to the club door.

The Price of Destiny will be on the second level at Bayu’s desk. And can I say how unfair it is that Bayu gets exclusive décor?

Mars Rover Snow Globe Location in Starfield

So, the Mars Rover snow globe isn’t attached to a book. Instead, you’ll gain access to it during the main quest, “Unearthed,” where you’ll be sent to the NASA Launch Tower.

At this Launch Tower, you’ll find a NASA museum. Head to the exhibit displaying the Mars Exploration Rover and interact with it to learn about the Mars Exploration Rover program. Then, the location will be added to your activity list. Follow the marker, and you’ll find the snow globe on top of the rover.

The Ancient Civilization of Egypt Location (The Pyramids of Giza) in Starfield

The Ancient Civilization of Egypt can be found in Sinclair’s Books in Akila City.

The shopkeep at Sinclair’s Books loves rare books. She sells them to the left side of Akila City, and there’s a moderate chance that The Ancient Civilization of Egypt is on sale for around 500 credits. If The Ancient Civilization of Egypt isn’t on sale, sit in one of the chairs for 24 hours and wait for her stock to refresh.

It may take two or three in-game games for the book to appear, though it’s a relatively common piece of the store’s stock. Also, there’s a Skill Magazine in this shop.

Oliver Twist Location (The Shard) in Starfield

Oliver Twist is a fairly common book that can be found randomly in the world and in Sinclair’s Books in Akila City.

While you’re likely to find Oliver Twist while just exploring, as it’s very common, you can just buy it for around 90 credits from Akila City’s Sinclair’s Books. This is also where you can purchase The Ancient Civilization of Egypt. So, you may as well kill two birds with one stone.

Hope Family Tree Location (US Bank Tower) in Starfield

The final book, the Hope Family Tree, can be found in Hopetown on Polvo in the Valo System.

To find the Valo system, look above and to the right of the Alpha Centauri system. You’ll see a star labeled “Narion.” Click it, and you’ll see an option for the Valo System.

The Hope Family Tree is in Ron Hope’s office, which is on the top floor of the Hopetown Building. If you’ve finished the Freestar Collective faction quest, the front door of his office will be closed. But you’re not locked out. Instead, go through the factory and use the stairs against the wall to climb to the back entrance of Ron Hope’s office.

The Hope Family Tree will be located on his desk. Be sure to grab the other valuable book and maybe a few other items, too.

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