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All Dragon Ball FighterZ Medals Explained

by Bryan Dawson

A lot of people have started to get into Dragon Ball FighterZ, playing in various online matches. One thing people have noticed is that they start to earn medals the more they play online. This article covers what the Dragon Ball FighterZ medals mean and how you can earn medals. It’s not difficult to earn medals in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but some of the medals use official terminology, which some people may not understand, so we’re going to cover that as well.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Medals

  • Ranked Match BP
  • Win Ranked Matches
  • Play Ranked Matches
  • Play Casual Matches
  • Play Arena Matches
  • Play Ring Matches
  • Play Party Matches (3 vs. 3)
  • Perform Special Moves
  • Perform Super Attacks
  • Perform Dragon Rushes
  • Perform Z Reflects
  • Perform Super Dashes
  • Perform Vanishes
  • Activate Sparking Blast
  • Call Assists
  • Change characters (Z Change)
  • Perform an Assist Super after your own Super (Ultimate Z Change)
  • Perform Guard Cancel Tags
  • Summon Shenron
  • Use each character

Medals in Dragon Ball FighterZ are basically in-game achievements. You don’t get anything special for acquiring the medasl, they’re more of a badge of honor. You can see the list of medals above, but let’s take some time to explain what some of the less obvious medals represent. You can find many of these terms (including Guard Cancel Tags) in our article on how to play, but we’ll look at some of the more obscure ones here as well.

The 3 vs. 3 medals require you to play a Party Ring Match, which requires six individual players who each take control of one character in the match. Dragon Rush is the throw, Z Reflect is the Back + Special deflect technique, a Z Assist is just calling an assist, Z Change is changing characters (tagging out), and Ultimate Z Change is performing a super move with your point character, then pressing Assist to perform a second super move with an assist character. Finally a Guard Cancel Tag is just pressing Forward + Assist.

Once again, for more info on what some of these terms are, check out the how to play article in our Dragon Ball FighterZ game hub!

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