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All Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Stats

by Bryan Dawson

There are quite a few characters you can play as in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Deciding who to select can be a tough decision, but the official website for Dragon Ball FighterZ features character stats that may help you make a decision. In this article we’ll take a look at the Dragon Ball FighterZ character stats in hopes that it may help you select your team. It should be made clear that these character stats don’t actually have a direct impact on how each character plays. Think of the character stats more like a soft guideline of how the developer thinks of each character.

Character Stats

Each character is rated in six different categories. While some of the categories are self-explanatory, let’s take a look at all of them just to make sure you know what you’re looking at when you check out the stats table below. All categories are rated from C to SS, with C being the lowest rating and SS being the highest rating.

Power – This is how much damage the character’s, basic attacks, special moves and super moves inflict. This does not indicate how much combo damage you can get from each character, which isn’t always directly related to the overall damage of their attacks. For example, Cell can perform corner loop combos that inflict far more damage than most other single character combos, but he’s not rated SS in this category.

Speed – Speed is how fast the character’s normal attacks are. Characters with a C rating will generally attack slower than characters with an SS rating, so be careful when trying to start your offense with these characters.

Reach – Reach is very important in Dragon Ball FighterZ because it can determine who wins when you and an opponent attack at the same time. There are many instances in which the attack with longer reach will win simply because the shorter ranged attack didn’t actually reach the opponent. In these situations speed (and frame data) aren’t as important as reach.

Technique – Think of technique as a way to determine how unique a character is. Characters with higher technique ratings will have a more unique style of play, while characters with low technique ratings will play similar to a majority of the roster.

Energy – The energy category basically looks at the character’s special moves to determine how quickly they should be able to generate super meter. Similar to the power category, you shouldn’t put too much stock into this as there are a variety of factors that go into meter gain that aren’t taken into account for this rating from the official site.

Ease of Use – At a base level this rating is fairly accurate, but once you start getting into higher levels of play where new techniques must be learned, the ratings start to become more inaccurate. For instance, at a base level, Gotenks is fairly easy to use, so his S rating is warranted. However, in order to pull off some of his highest damaging combos, he requires more dexterity than almost any other character in the game, and should have a C rating here.

Stats Table

  • C = Lowest
  • SS = Highest
Character Power Speed Reach Technique Energy Ease of Use
Adult Gohan A S A S B S
Android 16 S C S B A S
Android 18 A A B A A S
Android 21 B A S S B S
Bardock S S B C A S
Beerus S S A SS SS S
Broly SS C SS B S SS
Cell S A S A A S
Frieza A A A S S A
Ginyu S B A S B A
Goku S B A A A SS
Goku Black A S S A S S
Gotenks A S C A S S
Hit S SS A S C A
Kid Buu S S A S S A
Krillin B A C S A S
Majin Buu S C S S S A
Nappa S C S A B A
Piccolo A B S S A A
SSB Vegeta SS S B A S S
Teen Gohan SS S C B A S
Tien A A A A B S
Trunks A A S S B S
Vegeta A A B A S SS
Yamcha B S B A B S

If you want to see how the characters stack up beyond just these base stats from the official site, check out the tier list and best character articles in our Dragon Ball FighterZ game hub!

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