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All DMZ Weapon Case Rewards in Season 2

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
DMZ Weapon Cases

Not only did we get a whole new list of Faction Missions in COD DMZ Season 2, but we also got a new set of Weapon Cases to collect for those who are brave enough. The new set of cases is tied to the Ashika Island map, which is a much smaller Resurgence-based area that doubles for the extraction mode.

Weapon Cases are still a part of Call of Duty’s Al Mazrah, and each one that players extracted with would reward them with cosmetics like blueprints or operator skins. Now there is a new list of rewards that you can earn in DMZ Season 2 from Ashika Island, and we are going to list them all here.

DMZ Season 2 – All Ashika Island Weapon Case Rewards

The reward you get from a case will always depend on how many cases you have extracted on that map. There is a set order based on your progress. It is not the case itself that contains a reward. You simply need to keep extracting the same case and you will continue to earn new rewards. All seven can be found below:

Ashika Island Weapon Cases:

  1. Backup Plan – Handgun Blueprint
  2. Aces – Emblem
  3. Full House – Calling Card
  4. Bear With Me – Weapon Sticker
  5. Triple Threat – Loading Screen
  6. Full House – Emblem
  7. Fight Night – Assault Rifle Blueprint

To earn a DMZ Weapon Case in Ashika Island, you must head to the same location with every deployment. Because the map is so small, the case will always spawn at the Tsuki Castle POI at the center of the map. This is by far the most heavily armed area and there will likely be other players.

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You can see where the Weapon Case is by looking at the map and locating the large circle with a briefcase that contains a question mark. When you pick this up in the DMZ, the rest of the players in the lobby can see it as well. To claim your reward, you must extract the case. If you manage the extraction, you and your squad will receive your respective reward.

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