All Current and Next Limited Banners in Genshin Impact (September 2023)

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Next Genshin Banners

Here you’ll find all of the current banners running in Genshin Impact, as well as the already announced ones. We all know how valuable resources are in the game, especially the Primogems.  Choosing wisely which banner you’ll use is invaluable for the sake of your wallet.

Banners usually stay around for 3 weeks after their debut, and you may or may not find two different banners running at the same time. They share the same pity that always carries over to the next Limited Banner, so be careful when rolling.

Current Limited Banners in Genshin Impact

The current rate-up 5-star characters are Zhongli and Tartaglia. Both have been absent from the banners for a good while, so this is another chance to pick them up if you haven’t yet or are just beginning/returning to the game. Freminet is also making his debut as one of the featured 4-stars in this banner, so you might wanna roll for him just in case.

Gentry of Hemritage

  • Featured 5-star: Zhongli
  • Featured 4-stars: Noelle, Sayu, Freminet
  • Runs from: September 5th to September 26th

Farewell of Snezhnaya

  • Featured 5-star: Tartaglia
  • Featured 4-stars: Noelle, Sayu, Freminet
  • Runs from: September 5th to September 26th

Epitome Invocation (Weapons’ Banner)

  • Featured 5-stars: Vortex Vanquisher, Polar Star
  • Featured 4-stars: The Flute, Sacrificial Greatsword, Dragon’s Bane, The Widsith, Rust

Next Limited Banners in Genshin Impact

We know that Wriothesley and Neuvillette will be featured during the next patch, and seemingly there will be no new 4-stars for now. Wriothesley is yet to make his appearance in the main story, while Neuvilette is prominent in the latest Archon Quests.

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Upcoming Patch Banners and Characters 

Just as we said, the next patch is confirmed to bring both Wriothesley and Neuvillette as featured characters. Wriothesley is confirmed to be the first Cryo Catalyst character, while Neuvilette is a Hydro Catalyst himself. Some rumors point to the former being introduced to the Standard Banner later, but nothing is confirmed just yet.

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