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ARK: Survival Ascended T-Rex Base Destruction
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If you don’t feel like spending hours grinding skills and items to build the most extensive base, defeat all other tribes, and tame every dinosaur, then there’s always the alternative: console commands. Here are all the console commands for ARK: Survival Ascended!

Every Console Command in ARK: Survival Ascended

There are currently many console commands in ARK: Survival Ascended, including the ability to spawn items, add experience points, fly, unlock creative mode, and no-clip through the terrain.

Here are all of the console commands for ARK: Survival Ascended:

addexperience (Number)Adds the desired amount of experience points.
Changesize (Number)Change your character’s base size.
DotameTame any dinosaur you’re pointed at.
EnemyinvisibleEnemies do not attack or acknowledge you.
FlyAllows you to fly around the map.
GhostAllows you to clip through both meshes and models.
giveengramsUnlock every crafting recipe in the game.
Givearmorset (tier) (quality)Provides an armor set with the designated tier and quality.
GivecreativemodeAccess creative mode.
GivecreativemodetotargetGive another player creative mode.
Givecreativemodetoplayer (player ID)Give creative mode to the designated player.
GivecolorsReceive every dye color in the game.
Givedinoset (tier) (quantity)Spawn a dinosaur with a full saddle of the type and quality you input.
GivengramstekonlyReceive every Tek engram in the game.
Giveitem (blueprintpath) (quantity) (forceblueprint)Provides the item based on your inputs.
Giveitemnum (itemnum) (quantity) (quality) (forceblueprint)Provides the player you’re looking at with a specified item.
Giveitemnumtoplayer (itemnum) (quantity) (quality) (forceblueprint)Provides the indicated player with a specified item.
Giveitemset (tier)Receive the full item set of the specified tier.
Giveitemtoplayer (player ID) (blueprintpath) (quantity) (quality) (forceblueprint)Provide the specified player with the item based on your inputs.
Giveweaponset (tier) (quality)Receive a weapon based on the tier and quality inputs you select.
Giveitemset (tier)Receive items from a specific group based on the tier you select.
Gmsummon (type) (level)Spawns a tamed animal based on the type and level you input.
InfinitestatsRemove the need for food, water, oxygen, and sleep.
leavemealoneEnable God mode.
setcheatplayer falseDisable the cheat menu.
setcheatplayer trueEnable the cheat menu.
settimeofday xx:xxSet the server time to your choosing.
Summon (type)Summon the specified type of creature.
Summontamed (type)Summon a tamed creature type of your choosing.
TeleportTeleport to where you’re facing until you hit a surface.
TeleportplayerIDtome (player ID)Teleport the selected player to your location.
Teleportplayernametome (player name)Teleport the selected player to your location.
ToggleInfiniteAmmoProvides you with unlimited ammunition.
Tpcoords (lat) (long) (altitude)Teleport to very specific map coordinates.
WalkTurn off the ability to fly.

You will note that many of these console commands in ARK: Survival Ascended feature different input commands, such as (player ID). Whenever a command includes such a command in the box above, replace the item in brackets (and remove the brackets) with the proper item code, player ID, player name, or value to activate the command.

How to Use Console Commands

To use console commands, follow the steps below.

  1. Load up the game.
  2. Enter the menu and choose “settings.”
  3. Go to the “Advanced” tab, then find the “console Access” section. It should be in the left-most column.
  4. Turn Console Access “on.”
  5. Leave the menu and enter a game.
  6. Press the ‘~’ key to bring up the Console Command bar.
  7. You can now enter commands here to activate them.

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