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All Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Every problem at Hogwarts is solved with magic

With Hogwarts Legacy centered around the magical Wizarding World, using spells to solve puzzles and defeat enemies is a core part of the game. So, knowing what spells you can choose will help you decide which ones to equip. Continue reading to find a list of all spells in Hogwarts Legacy.

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All Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Many spells exist in Hogwarts Legacy that range in strength and usage. While some are primarily used to unlock objects or collect them from a distance, many are damage-dealing ones used almost exclusively in combat. However, damage spells are often versatile and can be used to uncover hidden items in specific situations.

Below is a list of every spell and charm you’ll encounter in Hogwarts Legacy:

Ancient MagicArchaic magic that, when activated, deals massive damage to your enemy. You can also throw objects at opponents to inflict extra damage and disrupt their attacks.
AccioPull objects and opponents toward you. You can use this for puzzle-solving, collecting Field Guide pages and to disrupt enemies.
AlohomoraUnlocks doors, windows, and other locked objects. You can upgrade it twice for more advanced locks.
AlteringAllows you to alter furniture items in your Room of Requirement.
Arresto MomentumSlows enemies and objects on use.
Avada KedavraKnown as one of the three Unforgivable Curses, it instantly kills your opponent.
Beast FeedGives your beasts food to eat.
Beast Petting BrushConjures a brush to groom beasts.
BombardaA heavy-damage spell that explodes on contact. You can also use this to blow up large obstacles.
ConfringoA long-range attack that explodes on impact.
ConjuringAllows you to create furniture items in your Room of Requirement.
CrucioTortures your opponent, dealing damage over time.
DepulsoPushes objects and opponents that are in our direct line of sight. It has the opposite effect of Accio.
DescendoSlams objects and enemies into the ground. It deals no damage.
DiffindoCuts objects and opponents, dealing damage with each hit.
Disillusionment CharmCauses your character to go invisible for a brief time.
EvanescoAllows you to get rid of furniture items in your Room of Requirement, refunding Moonstones and other resources.
ExpelliarmusA disarming spell that takes your opponent’s weapon out of their hands.
FlipendoFlips enemies and objects. You can use it to disrupt enemies or solve puzzles.
GlaciusCasts an ice spell on enemies, temporarily freezing them.
ImperioKnown as one of the three Unforgivable Curses, it temporarily forces enemies to fight under your control and gain damage reduction against other opponents.
IncendioA strong flame spell you can use on items and enemies. You can also use it to clear obstacles like leaves or light up torches for puzzles.
LeviosoLevitates objects and enemies.
LumosLights an area around your wand.
Nab-SackAllows you to capture wild beasts.
Petrificus TotalusPetrifies your opponent, temporarily stopping them in their tracks and preventing them from moving.
ProtegoA protective spell used to block damage.
ReductoReduces objects and enemies to dust.
ReparoRepairs damaged objects.
RevelioReveals hidden secrets. You can use this to find chests, Field Guide pages, enemies and other objects in the world.
StupefyA counterattack spell when using Protego, stunning and damaging opponents.
TransformationTransforms objects and enemies.
Wingardium LeviosaLevitate items. Unlike Levioso, you have complete control over the object and can move it around freely.

How to Unlock New Spells

As you progress through the main story, you’ll naturally gain more spells required to advance further. Most abilities are ones you’ll find in main story quests or during your class assignments. However, while some are available within the first few hours of playing, others are locked until the mid- or even late-game. You’ll also gain some spells, like the Unforgivable Curses, by completing relationship quests with your classmates.

How to Increase Spell Slots

At the start of Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have four slots you can equip spells to at any given moment. Given there are 34 spells in the game, this can feel rather limiting, but luckily, you’ll be able to increase the amount of spells you can equip pretty early on.

To increase the number of spell slots in Hogwarts Legacy, access the Talents menu in your Field Guide after completing the Jackdaw’s Rest main story quest. In the Core talent tree, you’ll have the option to upgrade your spell slots three times—twice at level 5, and once at level 16. Each time you upgrade your spell slots, they’ll increase by four. So if you get all three upgrades, you’ll have a maximum of 16 spell slots you can equip spells to.

That’s it for all the spells in Hogwarts Legacy. For more Hogwarts, check out all trophies and achievements in Hogwarts Legacy.

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