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All The Behemoths In Dauntless

by John Cooper

Dauntless is a game all about hunting down beasts far larger than you in the vague hope that you can protect your village. Along the way, you have to try and upgrade your equipment to try and improve both your damage output and your defense. There are a few different monsters in Dauntless, but the main ones you hunt are called Behemoths. In order to have the best possible chance of success, it is well worth knowing what all the Behemoths in Dauntless are and what to expect. So, to help you, we’ve put together this list.

All The Behemoths In Dauntless

As each of the Behemoths has an elemental strength and weakness. it makes sense to group them as such. It will make things simpler for you when you are getting ready to face them down. 

All the Behemoths in Dauntless

Blaze Behemoths – Weak to Frost

  • Charrogg: A very angry fire tortoise. 
  • Embermane: A fiery lion that will often run at you.
  • Hellion: A dinosaur that has a love of fire and digging. 

Frost Behemoths – Weak to Blaze

  • Boreus: A very tough frost monster. 
  • Pangar: Likes to roll around a lot. 
  • Skraev: An icy flyer that likes to use traps. 

Shock Behemoths – Weak to Terra

  • Drask: A very large electric alligator. 
  • Nayzaga: It uses long-range electric attacks to paralyse its prey. 
  • Stormclaw: Lays down pylons and barriers to trap you. 

Terra Behemoths – Weak to Shock

  • Kharabak: A very big bug that brings lots of friends. 
  • Koshai: Uses thorns to stop players from escaping. 
  • Skarn: Likes to hide underground to fool you. 

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Umbral Behemoths – Weak to Radiant

  • Riftstalker: Jumps through portals to really confuse the hunt. 
  • Shrowd: A creepy oversized crow-thing that uses orbs to attack. 

Radiant Behemoths – Weak to Umbral

  • Rezakiri: Uses balls of energy to attack you and control the space around it. 
  • Valomyr: A beast with a sword for a head. 

Neutral Behemoths – No Weakness

  • Gnasher: A great starter Behemoth that is a bit rat-like.
  • Quillshot: A very angry hedgehog-like beast that fires quills at you.
  • Shrike: Think owlbear, then attack it. 

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