All Arlecchino Riddle Answers in Lies of P Listed

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On your journey to the end in Lies of P, you will come across many NPCs like the Weeping Woman or Cecile, and one of them is Arlecchino, who will have riddles for you to solve. You will need to answer him correctly to get a key to a secret room with some goodies in there. For this reason, we have made a guide on all the correct answers for each of Alpecchino’s riddles.

All Lies of P Arlecchino Riddle Answers

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When you enter the Workshop Union Entrance after defeating Scrapped Watchmen in the Krat City Hall Courtyard, you will come across a ringing telephone to the right of the bridge that connects to the factory. As you answer the phone, you will be greeted by Arlecchino, the self-acclaimed King of Riddles. He will have riddles for you to solve – and for each time you answer correctly, you will get a Trinity Key that unlocks a door to a secret room with high-tier loot.

There are five riddles that Arlecchino will ask you throughout the game, and below are the answers for each of them from the first riddle to the last:

Krat City Hall Courtyard“By morning, it walks on feet numbering four. At mid-day just two, no less and no more. It walks on three feet when the evening arrives. And if you solve this then I’ll know you’re alive!”Human
Malum District“I stand tall and proud when I’m young and bold. But I’m short and humble once I’ve gotten old. What am I?”Candle
Grand Exhibition Gallery“What cannot be used before it breaks?”Egg
Krat Central Station Street“This blue flower has many ways to take root, but only on man does it ever bear fruit.”Ergo
Relic of Trismegistus Entrance“This one’s black and white. A no or a yes. Is Geppetto’s creation a killer? CONFESS!”It does not matter what option you select. Both answers are correct for this riddle and will get you the Trinity Key regardless of your choice.

These are all the correct answers for the five riddles from Alpecchino, King of Riddles. If you are looking to further upgrade your character in Lies of P, check out the best stats that you should level up.

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