All Anomalies in The Exit 8, Listed

Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run, run

Escape is as simple as identifying each anomaly and running for it. Here are all the anomalies in The Exit 8.

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All Anomalies in The Exit 8

The Exit 8’s premise is simple. You are in a looping underground passageway. If you see an anomaly, turn around and return the way you came. If you think everything’s perfectly normal, continue on in the hopes of escaping this liminal purgatory.

There are 30 possible anomalies you can stumble across. And if you’re not careful, it can be easy to miss them. Here are all 30 anomalies in The Exit 8. Each image is a slideshow, so click through to see all images in that category.

  • Door open.
  • Door cracked open. Why not peek inside the crack?
  • Knob in the middle of the door.
  • Only two doors.
  • Knocking at door.
  • Repeating faces in the yellow tiles.
  • Pattern made from yellow tiles.
  • Flooding.
  • Repeating Makeup Advertisement.
  • Eye Sign (Security Camera) follows you as you move.  
  • Eye Sign (Security Camera) eyes follow you.
  • Cartoon woman’s face looks melted.
  • Multiple No Smoking signs.
  • Concourse sign hanging from the ceiling is upside down.
  • Concourse sign reads “Turn back turn back turn back”.
  • Blue ghost photo on the wall.
  • Lights blinking.
  • Lights turned off.
  • Ceiling lights askew.
  • Security camera is red.
  • The man will be taller than normal, by about a foot.
  • Two men in suits standing in the hall.
  • The man will move his head to stare at you as he walks.
  • The man will be missing his face.
  • The man will walk very fast towards you.
  • The man will grin at you as he walks.
  • A man will be camouflaged against the white tiles at the end of the hall and will run at you when you get close.

Miscellaneous Environmental Anomalies in The Exit 8

  • Black slime will ooze from the vents.
  • There will be stairs at the end of the hall. Do not go up them.

Strategies For Beating The Exit 8

The Exit 8 is a difficult horror puzzle game, so don’t feel bad if you keep failing over and over. The best advice we can give you is to scrutinize your surroundings very carefully. Look closely at everything, take your time, and create a mental map of what the subway looks like unaltered. You can also take screenshots of the subway station as well and compare them side by side.

Make sure to make use of both Reddit and the Steam forums for up-to-date tips. These can be great places to get help from.

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