All Ancient Callouts in CS2: Map Guide

Why the Ancient hate?

All Ancient Callouts in CS2
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If you are playing a lot of CS2 Premier, you will definitely need to know all of the maps that are in rotation. I present to you, a guide for the Ancient map Callouts in CS2.

Every Ancient Landmark in CS2 – Ancient Callouts Listed

A lot of players simply try to ban Ancient as soon as possible in Premier mode, and if you ask me why this is happening, you will be asking the wrong person. There’s nothing awful about Ancient. Maybe people don’t like it because it reminds them of Aztec, a very notorious map. It’s a lovely map, easy to learn, and I’m here to provide you with your first steps toward mastering it.

Here is a complete map of Ancient for your viewing pleasure, labeled with all callouts:

General Tips for Ancient in CS2

  • Ts can attack via A Main, Donut, Mid, Lamproom/House (also called “Cave”), and Ramp. That is, in total, five attack options through four entry points. You may get the impression that Ancient is a T-sided map, which might be true in some circumstances. However, it’s not that gloomy.
  • CT team needs to solve the problem of setting up their defenses, and communication should be very sharp and swift so that appropriate rotations may be done. Usually, the defense setup goes like this:
    • One CT to B (Ramp)
    • One CT to B (House)
    • One CT to Mid (Sniper Nest)
    • One CT to A (Main A or Plat)
    • One CT to A (Donut to help set up a crossfire with the mid player or A)
  • Ts might quickly rush with the intent to take over a site very early in the round, so make sure to deploy your utility to deter them.
  • It’s risky to overextend and push as a CT on Ancient. However, if you get a read on a 5-player rush to a site, you can quickly come up behind them and surprise them. High risk, high reward!

Hopefully, this article will be a lovely start to the relationship between you and Ancient and I wish you all the best on the map. Check out how to most efficiently rank up in CS2 and the best radar settings in CS2 if you need general tips on improving your game.

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