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All Adoptable Animals in Fire Emblem Engage

Gimme the Iris Owl and nobody gets hurt

by Daphne Fama

Look, I’ll be honest. The best part of any game is the chance to adopt as many pets as possible. That’s why Pokemon is a smash hit, and that’s why Fire Emblem Engage is the best installment in the series, full stop. What makes it even better is that there is a virtual zoo of animals you can cram into your farmyard, with many of them offering resources as their way of paying rent. Here’s all the adoptable animals in Fire Emblem Engage and how to get them.

All Adoptable Animals in Fire Emblem Engage

There are a total of 23 adoptable animals in Fire Emblem Engage, and they’ll be listed here in alphabetical order with their name, the location you can find them in, and the resources they provide.

NameLocationResource ProvidedHow to Obtain
Aura EagleBrodiaMeat: beef, chicken, mutton, porkBrodia Donation Level 2
Black Elyosian DogMultiple locations in ElyosSilver Ingot
Brodian CatBrodiaHerring
Calisson ChickenFireneEggsFirene Donation Level 2
Elusian CatElusiaCodElusia Donation Level 2
Elyosian DogMultiple locations in ElyosSilver Ingot
Elyosian PigeonMultiple locations in ElyosNuts
Elyosian SeagullSolmNuts
Elyosian SheepFireneMilk
Firenese CatFireneCarpFirene Donation Level 2
Hop RabbitMultiple locations in ElyosBerries
Mere DonkeyFireneRare vegetablesFirene Donation Level 2
Iris OwlElusiaBerries
Northern FreecatMultiple locations in ElyosFish
Panna CamelSolmBeans, rice, spicesSolm Donation Level 2
Rutile MarmotBrodiaRare fruitBrodia Donation Level 2
Solmic CatSolmEelSolm Donation Level 2
Southern FreecatMultiple locations in ElyosSalmon
Tartu FlamingoSolmRare fishSolm Donation Level 2
Vervain DeerElusiaRare vegetablesElusia Donation Level 2
Western FreecatFireneSardines
White Elyosian DogMultiple locations in ElyosSteel ingot
White Hop RabbitBrodiaBerries

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If you haven’t had any luck obtaining certain animals, you’ll be able to unlock that animal once its host country reaches Donation Level 3. Another fun fact, no matter what animal you have on the farm there’s a chance you’ll randomly get horse manure, milk, and eggs. I’d personally like to know how my dog is laying eggs.

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