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All Accessories and their Uses for Nintendo Switch Sports

by Jesse Vitelli

Nintendo Switch Sports, the spiritual successor to Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, features a plethora of new game modes for fans to enjoy. Gather around the TV with your friends and family and bowl, play some Badminton, or even fight in some Chanbara action. If you want to enjoy Nintendo Switch Sports, you can get a few accessories to enhance your experience.


You might already have the leg strap from Ring Fit Adventure. This little velcro strap lets you attach a Joy-Con controller around your thigh to imitate leg movements. The Leg Strap accessory only works in the Soccer Shoot-Out mode, but you’ll be able to kick in real-time to knock the ball in the goal. It’s a neat little side mode if you want a break from heated competition. It also comes bundled with the physical version of Nintendo Switch Sports.


This might seem obvious, but Nintendo Switch Sports requires a Joy-Con controller to play the game. Nintendo Switch Sports is all motion-control based so you’ll need those Joy-Cons to bowl, play volleyball, soccer, and everything else. This might be an issue for Nintendo Switch Lite users who don’t have detachable Joy-Con controllers. So be aware that you’ll need to pick up some extras if you want to enjoy this game on your Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Dock

If you want to play Nintendo Switch Sports on your TV, you’ll need a dock to put the Switch into. Again, this might seem obvious, but if you’re purchasing this for a family member or maybe even a parent, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting them everything they need to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Joy-Con Strap

The Joy-Con Straps are important – we all remember the days of the Wii where players would accidentally throw the Wii Remote through their television while bowling a perfect game. Seriously, put the strap around your wrist, it’ll potentially save you hundreds of dollars later and you’ll thank us for this common-sense request.

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