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Agents of Mayhem – How to Get New Agents

by Josh Hawkins

Agents of Mayhem is finally here, and as you dive into the fun-filled world of future Seoul, you’re probably going to notice a few things. First, you only have three agents to start off with. Second, there’s a massive roster of agents waiting to be unlocked. Don’t worry too much about it, because we’re going to tell you how to unlock all of these new agents in Agents of Mayhem, and score yourself some sweet new squad mates in the game.

How to Unlock New Agents

Unlocking new agents isn’t very hard, and at the start of the game you won’t really have many options that you can move towards. However, once you’ve finished the first couple of missions, you’ll automatically be positioned to start up a new mission that will unlock your very first new agent, Rama. She’s just the first of many, though, and players will actually be able to unlock a total of 12 agents for their party.

The other agent unlock missions work very similar to the one where you unlock Rama. You’ll have to take on the role of that agent, where you’ll learn more about them, and then complete the mission to unlock them. However, all of the agents will not be available to unlock at the same time. Instead, you’ll need to progress through the game to certain points, where you’ll unlock new agent missions, which you can start up from the Missions Menu on the Ark.

Now that you know how to get new agents, let’s talk about your team. You can edit your squad to include whatever three agents you want to use on missions, however, you can only do so from the comfort of the Ark, when you prepare to leave. Here you can choose what agents you want and even what skin you want them to wear.

Since you know how to unlock new agents, and even how to equip them to your party, here’s a full list of all the agents currently available in the game.

  • ONI
  • RAMA
  • YETI

You should now know everything that you need to know to unlock all of the agents in Agents of Mayhem, and even how many agents there are. Be sure to hop into the game and gets started, and don’t forget to test each agent out and see which combination fits your playstyle best. You can find more help by checking out our Agents of Mayhem guide, where you’ll find an assortment of tips, guides, and other helpful articles to assist you as you try to stop Legion’s plans to take over the world.

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