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A New Signature Food Quest Guide: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Cheese makes everything better.

Tucked within the scenic Hateno Village of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll find the “A New Signature Food” quest. This small adventure takes place amid a political rivalry between the current mayor, Reede, and newcomer, Cece. Before you can help squash the rivalry, you’ll first need to finish the “A New Signature Food” quest. To learn how to do that, continue reading.

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How to Complete A New Signature Food Quest in Tears of the Kingdom

You can follow the steps below to finish the “A New Signature Food” side quest in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Talk to Reede in his home in Hateno Village.
  • Find Koyin and complete “A Letter to Koyin.”
  • Give Reede Hateno Cheese.

How to Start A New Signature Food Side Quest

To begin the “A New Signature Food,” you first need to trigger the “Team Cece or Team Reede?” quest. Begin by talking to Cece in the armory, coordinates (3356, -2129, 0121). This will lead to a heated exchange between Reede and Cece, who then proposes a mayoral election, setting the stage for the required side adventure.

With that out of the way, track down Reede after he storms off toward his house. His house, which is near the inn, can be found at coordinates (3432, -2084, 0131). Talk with him to learn of his ambition to create a signature dish for Hateno Village. Unfortunately, he can’t advance his plans because he doesn’t know the recipe or its ingredients. Deciding he can’t trouble a tourist, the mayor then suggests that Link enjoy the village and stop by the farm while he’s around.

To continue this quest, follow his advice and head up the hill. However, instead of milk, you’ll be looking for the next person to help you complete this side quest.

Where to Find Koyin

Once you reach Hateno pasture, seek out Koyin, who happens to be the great-granddaughter of the person who helped make Reede’s signature dish. She can be found on the dock at coordinates (3633, -2048, 0175), looking out into the lake.

Koyin accidentally dropped a bottle with a recipe from her great-grandfather. She’s worried that she won’t be able to get it because she can’t reach it. Fortunately, Link can use Ultrahand on any of the nearby trees to help rescue the bottle. After returning it to Koyin, she’ll rush into the nearby house. Follow her to receive the missing ingredient for Reede: Hateno Cheese.

Now that you’ve successfully helped Koyin you can come back and trade milk for cheese. For now, however, go back down the hill to Reede.

How to Complete A New Signature Food Quest

Return to Reede and hand over the cheese in your inventory. In return, he’ll reward you with a silver rupee, marking the completion of the “A New Signature Food” quest.

After this, you can move on to complete other quests in Hateno Village, such as finishing the mayoral race, or you can check out this guide on how to get into the Hateno Tech lab.

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